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are you really going to look at my profile without commenting "wahoo"
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how to disappear completely
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something comforting
beach life-in-death
ゆらめき in the air
chocolate matter
times like these
impossible soul
the glow, pt. 2
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blackest bile
kicking cars
slow (loud)

Spooky Companion Cube : 'they're all spawners'

moot : based on the way triph talks, he's either hella baked on weed or just autistic
moot : dude sounds way too relaxed and was randomly laughing in comms and he STILL top fragged
triph : what if i said neither
moot : liar

greeeen : i'd like to point out that triph top scored 3 games in a row on medic, sniper, and spy
greeeen : mfs a femboys wet dream
triph : what do your words mean

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