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are you really going to look at my profile without commenting "wahoo"
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how to disappear completely
good morning, captain
something comforting
beach life-in-death
ゆらめき in the air
chocolate matter
times like these
impossible soul
the glow, pt. 2
luna amplified
blackest bile
kicking cars
slow (loud)

Spooky Companion Cube : 'they're all spawners'

moot : based on the way triph talks, he's either hella baked on weed or just autistic
moot : dude sounds way too relaxed and was randomly laughing in comms and he STILL top fragged
triph : what if i said neither
moot : liar

greeeen : i'd like to point out that triph top scored 3 games in a row on medic, sniper, and spy
greeeen : mfs a femboys wet dream
triph : what do your words mean

dapper : ur scout looks like kechup and mustard

*DEAD* Avielle (she/her!) : triph i will eat you alive and not in a good way

(TEAM ) 𝔞 : triph do u only use the classic

Starry! : Did they buff The Classic in the summer update???

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stonk man 2023년 9월 7일 오후 9시 51분 
fawn 2023년 9월 6일 오전 1시 28분 
triph 2023년 8월 11일 오후 10시 15분 
the blocks have been shot
nori 2023년 8월 3일 오후 5시 38분 
shoot the blocks
TheBestEvie 2023년 7월 26일 오전 2시 53분 
triph 2023년 7월 20일 오전 12시 37분 
bro wants me to move around as sniper in the silly block shooter game