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Barotrauma Community Liaison Officer here, nice to meet you!

I don't accept invites on Steam from non-colleagues 99% of the time, but you are welcome to friend & DM me on Discord (same username, #0851) or email me (vilma at fakefishgames dot com) if you need to get in touch outside the forums and other open channels.

Please don't write support requests as comments on my profile! Use the forums instead. This intro is public so you would know who I am and why I wrote back to you on the Barotrauma forums. See you around, and wish you smooth sailing :)
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X_SunDown_X Apr 10 @ 3:56pm 
Absolute chad when listening to the community
omba Apr 5 @ 7:24am 
+rep made good game (very cool man) :steamthumbsup::steamthumbsup::steamthumbsup: :griefer:
FGK Apr 5 @ 3:36am 
Hi! Is it possible to edit the files in a way so that more NPCs can be recruited on the crew management UI each time I visit a location?
Because I believe that we can only have 10 hireable NPCs in display at a time, is it possible to increase that value? Thanks!
Enigma Mar 24 @ 12:00pm 
+rep making great game
Meulartis Feb 4 @ 10:43am 
Dev that actually responds to community issues/discussions. Steams underbelly of games is on the rise again thanks to people like this. Always happy to have game options outside of $60 AAA 10 hours of content games.
HeatedWafflez Nov 13, 2020 @ 5:37pm 
sub showcase channel :O yay!