Barotrauma BRTMA
Barotrauma BRTMA
March 30, 2016
United States 
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Welcome to Barotrauma!
Hello, welcome to the Steam group of Barotrauma!
You can find plenty of discussions and help in the discussions section/shoutbox of this group, ranging from building submarines to surviving in the abyss. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.
In any case, welcome aboard!

Generally, there are a couple rules.
It's quite simple, the dead don't talk; and only traitors will betray.

Only traitors may betray - they can use any means nessescary to dispatch their enemies. However, this does not mean you just blow yourself up with the ship, your priority is to assassinate your target and anyone in your way, while escaping. When you respawn, you are a new person, if you died as traitor and respawned, you are no longer traitor. Don't forget, the dead can't talk.
(If there are friendly AI active, just because they are AI doesn't mean you should kill them)
Additional more specific rules: Unauthorized departures of shuttles, escape pods are frowned upon and can be seen as traitorous acts..

For those looking to find out more about the game:
"Barotrauma takes place several hundred years in the future. In this time, humanity has established several colonies on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

Due to the deadly amounts of radiation on the surface of the moon, the colonies are constructed under its icy crust. The vast subsurface ocean under the crust is used as a transport route between the colonies and a source of natural resources. In Barotrauma, the player will step into the boots of a recruit on board a submarine traveling in the subsurface ocean. The player’s job is to keep the submarine operational, while carrying out various tasks to earn funds for buying supplies and hiring new crew members. Maintaining and operating the submarine itself isn’t the only challenge, as the ocean is filled with bizarre creatures ranging from harmless small fish to gigantic Lovecraftian horrors more than capable of destroying the entire vessel.

The game can be played either in single player mode in which the player can choose which crew member to control (others being controlled by AI), and an online multiplayer mode where each player controls one of the crew members."
-Undertow Games

Many people ask me for what generally this game is, so:
I would describe this game as: indie, scary/horror, cooperative/team play, multiplayer, singleplayer, resource management, realistic, wet.
What you should really do, is install the game and give it a shot. It's free after all!

Barotrauma Game Download[]
Undertow Games[]
Barotrauma Greenlight Page
Barotrauma will be on Steam early access Q1 2019.
A true journey.
Barotrauma is now on the store page and prepped for early access(Q1 2019).

And you can find the official website here:

As for this group, it's been quite an adventure. I still remember the small versions when we'd be the only server holding barely 10 players, just going from point A to point B and killing a mantis on the way before crashing to the abyss desktop; it's simply evolved into something so much more. Everything from the smallest fixing the smallest bugs to interacting with new monsters, game modes, equipment and enviornments. It's truly a special place in my heart.

We used to just be a team of players who were testing and having fun, and we've become an entire community. Seriously, we couldn't have done it without the hosters keeping servers going, admins to moderate them, modders to create more content, experienced players to teach the new ones coming in and ultimately enjoy the experience. Some took a break came here and to the undertow forums to help other players who were having bugs or troubles. Each one of you have impacted this game and group, thank you all.

Of course, we can't forget the hard working developers either. They've been working nonstop to fix bugs and add new content. We wouldn't even have a game to play without them, and they've been doing it essentially out of their pocket.

We will still be here to offer assistance, and we will definitely be there when the game comes to steam officially. I sincerely have enjoyed surviving on Europa with you, and I look forward to continuing that.
As always, see you aboard!

Praise the honk mother.

FalenRomeo Dec 9, 2023 @ 4:01am 
Greetings all. Currently looking for friends to play this with. Please send message if anyone knows of any groups that exist.
Mad Milk Producer Nov 27, 2023 @ 7:41am 
my weewee got munched on by a mudraptor:demoticon:
BlueSkidrow™ Sep 25, 2023 @ 6:21am 
Hello im looking for friends for Barotrauma mods. Campaign if anyone interested let me know my timezone is GTM 1+
Purple Serg Oct 8, 2022 @ 5:33am 
looking for an active group somewhere from euro to play with :beerio:
NothingToSay Sep 3, 2022 @ 1:34am 
Hello im looking polish players if someone want to play and teach me how this game work just add me :D
Jak ktoś szuka osoby do gry to dodaj do znaj
eee Aug 3, 2022 @ 5:09am 
ищу русских игроков для выживания или фана с модом на халф лайф 2:barotrauma:
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