✪ FraHtcy3
Russian Federation
20 years old. Can speak English/French/Russian. Fav Game: TF2 Fav gamemode: MVM
Currently Online
About me (MvM)
You may write all of the reasons why I should KMS up here: https://mvmlobby.tf/profile/76561198154373547
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1 Manns completed:

Crash Course ✔ (no refunds) Pyro except w2
Doe's Drill ✔ (no refunds) Demoknight except w3
Village Vanguard ✔ (no refunds) all waves pyro
Mean Machines ✔ (refunds)
Doe's Doom ✔ (refunds)
CPU Slaughter ✔ (refunds)

2 Manns completed:

==========Oil Spill==========
2x Doe's Doom ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
Day Of Wreckening ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
2x Cave-in ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
2x Quarry ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
Mean Machines ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
Mann Hunt ✔ (no refunds) with Floro

==========Steel Trap==========
3x CPU Slaughter ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
2x Ctrl+Alt+Destr (no refunds) with Pasta
2x Machine Massacre ✔ (no refunds) with Rappy
2x Mech Mutilation ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
3x Disk Deletion ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
2x Data Demolition ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta

==========Mecha Engine==========
2x Disintegration ✔ (no refunds) with ✪Mo
2x Broken Parts ✔ (no refunds) with Floro
2x Bone Shaker ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta

==========Two Cities==========

2x Hamlet Hostility ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
3x Bavarian Botbash ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
3x Empire Escalation ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
4x Metro Malice ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta

=========Gear Grinder=========
4x Cataclysm ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
5x Desperation ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta
4x Mannslaughter ✔ (no refunds) with Pasta

Benign Infiltration ✔ (no refunds) huntsman only with Floro
Big Apple Barricade ✔ (no refunds) Scout/Medic with Floro
Crash Course ✔ (no refunds) 3 rune blade scout sniper with Floro
Doe's Drill ✔ (no refunds) double scout with Pasta
Mann-euvers ✔ (no refunds) knight engi with Floro
Village Vanguard ✔ (no refunds) Scout/Soldierknight with Floro
Wave 666 ✔ (no refunds) Soldier/Sniper with undercooked waffle

Every Valve missions NR'D 8th July 2022

========Madness Experts========
(do not bother to no refund it, after Forest, it's impossible)
Alluvion ✔
Disruption ✔
Forest Catastrophe ✔
Shudder ✔
Nortern Lights ✔
Treacherous Waters ✔
Unoptimized Output ✔
Out Of Options ✔


Hi I'm Frantsouz, nice to meet ya. Fûck me in the âss and call me Patricia. I'm an MvM repeater, which is why I'll always leave somewhere in the end of the last wave. I can leave a free spot for your friends as well, just ask me to leave in the last wave on the ready up phase.

I'll never post a negative comment under your profile, I'll only write a +rep or a copypasta under my friends comment section.

Huntsman + crit can spam = work of art.

I really don't care what upgrades you purchase, what weapon you use or something like that. I won't even try to give you an advise, because I'm more than sure that you won't listen to it. I'll just leave if I don't like something in order not to initiate an unnecessary conflict. I will hate you only in case if you're a cheater. Cheating in PVE gamemodes is like being a 12 year old and still going to a kindergarten in order to punch some toddlers.

I totally accept something like a pipe demo, a demoknight or a huntsman sniper and a bucnh of other unpopular playstyles as long as you're good with it.

Before leaving a comment on my profile, make sure that you're writing in english language so everyone can know what did you write and make fun of you, or else the comments will be deleted.
Otherwise, feel free to leave a comment. Positive or negative, IDC, just do it.

Warning: every comment that'll say that I'm leaving every game will be deleted, since y'all dumb and can't even read what's written in the bio.
MvM Facts:

MvM youtubers ruin MvM more than tacobot and pizzabot altogether
Spectate glitch, money glitch are cringe. Consider committing a Ronnie Mcnutt if you use em
Playing with crit spam SR is boring and unfun. Whole team idles while you devour all of the waves
It's perfectly fine to miss some cash and not get an A+ or even A. If you need a lot of cash to beat a wave, you have no skill whatsoever
Every single class works on this game. Just get good, and you'll manage to carry as them.


How to read your nickname? Frantsouz
Do I consider MvM as a toxic place? Yes I do
Do I consider MvM as a fun game mode? Yes I do
Do I concider MvM more profitable than open case? Yes I do
Do I play other operations than 2 Cities? Yes, I play but I don't complete them.
Did I try to kick someone and in which case? Used to kick, but now I don't initiate a vote. I'll still F1 tho
Did I ever ruined a lobby. No, griefing is aids. You're wasting innocent people's time.
Do I care about negative comments on my profile? No, insult me however you please.

The gym of based people: (People that I personally concider as based)

Colonel Johnson
✪ Mo

IDC, if you have a personnal beef with these people, if they are tacobot staff members or something like that. If I enjoy playing with someone, I will play with them no matter what. If you have a masculine urge to trashtalk me because of that list that is based on my PERSONNAL EXPERIENCE with them, I'll advise you to visit a therapist cuz you're a special case that even Einstein wasn't able to resolve.

Most valuable loot:
Tour 1: Iron Curtain PKS
Tour 18: Australium Black Box
Tour 20: The AWPer hand PKS

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🧡 Cool Guy 🧡
⚡⚡ Let’s be friends for future games ⚡⚡

🌟🌟 Have a wonderful year🌟🌟
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Bartolomé Feb 19 @ 9:10am 
Hey bro! Add me pls
Fox McCloud フォックス Dec 26, 2023 @ 9:47am 
✅ + REP
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✅ Cool guy !!!
Floro Nov 18, 2023 @ 4:16am 
Pasta Apr 2, 2023 @ 4:43am 
happiest birthday
DickNasty Oct 9, 2022 @ 12:52pm 
Сергей, Вы - Профессионал с большой буквы!👍👍 Так доходчиво и грамотно объяснять сложный материал - талант иметь надо. Меня зовут Наталья Петровна, мне 71 год, а жизнь только началась с момента знакомства с "новомодными" устройствами. Я и мой муж, Иван Анатольевич передаём пламенный🔥 привет👋 с Чукотки. Счастья вам и здоровья и долголетия 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌺🌺🌺!!