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prowler in the yard Jun 15 @ 3:53am 
hahahaa stupid kid i fuck ur mom so hard that she does not do the big bad fuck and i then het d huuuge cum and she enjoy cuz ur the big stupid and you talk about gramar but you do the spelling of one word bad cause u r stupid as the fuck big
kid shut up u think im 12 but im actually 15 and i am stronger than u n cen beat u up pls go lern istory cuz ur dimb as assfuck
prowler in the yard Jun 15 @ 3:46am 
tvrtko je bio ilir i izgradio piramide da sakrije njegovo blago od 40 gadilion dukata
dragon Jun 14 @ 4:33pm 
bosnia is a shithole like everywhere else in the balkans you all live in the third world
illusionist Jun 14 @ 9:08am 
How hard is your breathing when you're typing?
The fake Yokel Jun 14 @ 8:24am 
I dont care if you are from Banja Luka or not I really dont care thats your privat life and I dont care about it well saying that Im not the birghest makes you even more stupid than before first every single idiot like you can lie about information thats why I dont care if you are or not the point is I want to learn you that if you want to test if someone is stupid or not its not in this way stupid head second you talk about autism hmmm dude just go and read your comments bone shithead and see who is autism every single person told you that dont make me go and read it one more time so I fell cringe asfuck + Its internet you dont need to use comas btw you spell it commas I can see how good you are you live in USA and still you suck as shit hahaha
dante's bones Jun 14 @ 8:09am 
lol, you actually believed I was from Banja Luka? you really aren't the brightest. I don't need any arguments, your autism is the proof. Just looking through your profile made me cringe. So pls, crawl to your little mountain shithole and die.
p.s grammar isn't any better, use comas and proper tenses