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ポペノナ Nov 17, 2022 @ 11:41am 
Did you know that in terms of male human and female Pokémon breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible Pokémon for humans? Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon are an average of 3”03’ tall and 63.9 pounds, this means they’re large enough to be able handle human ♥♥♥♥♥, and with their impressive Base Stats for HP and access to Acid Armor, you can be rough with one. Due to their mostly water based biology, undoudtely an aroused Vaporeon would be incredibly wet, so wet that you could easily have sex with one for hours without getting sore. They can also learn the moves Attract, Baby-Doll Eyes and Tail Whip, along with not having fur to hide nipples, so it’d be incredibly easy for one to get you in the mood. With their abilities Water Absorb and Hydration, they can easily recover from fatigue with enough water. High defense stat+high HP pool+Acid Armor means it can take ♥♥♥♥ all day, all shapes and sizes and still come for more
Kooky Cake Nov 26, 2020 @ 7:50pm 
ibad U. genuine pain packed phone. received as told. PTA approved and tight stockings. mere sapno ki randi kab aye gi tu
certified 𒃳 𒃴 𒃵 𒃶 Nov 13, 2020 @ 3:34pm 
happy friday the 13th and happy weekend yall! hopefully nothing spooky happened to you, rock on guys :poc::tennisheart:
ポペノナ May 27, 2020 @ 9:40am 
sesci boi 🤤
tH0r Dec 30, 2019 @ 4:06am 
Kooky Cake Jun 9, 2019 @ 10:52pm 
hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that, It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play CS:GO sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you ;) sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xoxo..