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All trades are final. We do not offer refunds.
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Trade Offer
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You can either send me an offer yourself, or use one of my commands to request a trade. Say you want to buy a Team Captain, just type "!buy Team Captain".

Here's a list of all my commands:
- !help - Get list of commands
- !how2trade - Guide on how to use and trade with the bot
- !price [amount] <name> - Get the price and stock of an item
- !stock - Get a list of items that the bot has
- !rate - Get current key prices
- !buy [amount] <name> - Instantly buy an item
- !sell [amount] <name> - Instantly sell an item
- !buycart [amount] <name> - Adds an item you want to buy to the cart
- !sellcart [amount] <name> - Adds an item you want to sell to the cart
- !cart - See current cart
- !clearcart - Clears the current cart
- !checkout - Make the bot send an offer the items in the cart
- !queue - See your position in the queue
- !cancel - Cancel an already made offer, or cancel offer being made

!buy 2 Little Buddy
!sell 5 Ellis' Cap

!price Backpack Broiler

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