Edmund   Essex, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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As a reward, you get a showcase of things I made in/for games, out of boredom, a long time ago:

* Team Fortress 2 voice packs and levels for Worms: Armageddon (Steam Forum Thread) (2015)

* Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee's intro rendered in Minecraft (YouTube Vid) (2012)

* Black Mesa's original trailer rendered in Half-Life: Source (YouTube Vid) (2012)

* Train Set in Space Engineers, including pre-fabbed parts for players to create their own track and vehicles (Workshop Link) (2015)

* Machinima I made for the train set project (YouTube Vid)

* I "waste" much of my life on videogames and have nothing to show for it but my screenshots. Check those out too? :P


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Screenshot Showcase
"Sprinter" - Ship I made in Avorion.
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+rep vamp from forest community >:)
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Well Lookie Here What I Found In Your Computer, Mister Hoodness. It Seems HE Was The Cuase Of The White Fluff. He Almost Broke Your PC! For Shame.

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