Discord: Danct12#3111
The creator of TF2 Sandbox.

I no longer accept steam friends, but if you need something, please comment down.
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Welcome to Huong Tram Linux!
[danct12@Huong_Tram_Linux ~]$ cat infobox.txt

I'm Danct12 (OuO), I used to love games, but now I'm more interested into technology!

I rarely play games on Steam now, due to I need to buy new games. But finally now, I have $$$, I can finally buy new games, again!


What do I own?
I just got a brand new Redmi 4x this year, rooted and running Resurrection Remix [] . I'm going to use it as a daily driver, soon.

Here's what I have beside that:
- Nokia 105
- ASUS Zenfone Go (ZC500TG)
- iPhone 6 Plus (Banana)

My Computer (OuO)
- CPU: Intel Core i7-6700k (4.00 GHz, Turbo up to 4.20 GHz!)
- RAM: 1x Corsair Vengeance DDR4 8GB
- GPU: NVIDIA Geforce 1050 Ti (4 GB)
- Mobo: ASUS H170-Pro Gaming
- PSU: A 600W Power Supply (I forgot what name it is)
- Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212X
- Anything Else: A broken DVD drive, it never read anything, to be exact.
- OS: WinSpy 10 Pro and Hương Tràm Linux. Both operating systems were installed on the same machine and dual-boot as well.

- Monitor: DELL SP2208WFP
- Keyboard: 1x PS/2 HP PR1101, 1x ZERO cheap Chinese Mechanical Keyboard.
- Mouse: R8 Gaming Mouse (not sure what is the model), I used to have a G700s but the switch broken so one clicks turns to thousands click.
- Headset: OVAN Gaming Headset

My favorite singer?
Huong Tram of course! :D

Here's where you can contact me at:
- Here on steam
- YouTube:
- Vidlii: (It's a very good YouTube alternative if you want a 2008 feel into Youtube, I recommend you try it out)
- Reddit: /u/danct12
- Discord: Danct12#3111 or Danct12#3727

Q: What game are you good at?
A: Hacknet, TF2, and a few old games.

Q: Are you satan?
A: No, just a fan of nana825763 (PiroPito), and I like his contents. You should defintely check him out.

A: Just a fan of her, I like her singing skills and the latest music video.

Q: When did you create this account?
A: Since September 22, 2011.

Q: Why Vidlii over YouTube?
A: Because I like the old feeling of YouTube in 2008, And also Vidlii is going to launch partner feature, and making money too. It's much better than YouTube that they're killing it.

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Basically but your ram cpu is not 100%