Frying Dutchman
Also known as Createvi   Netherlands
Odd Dutch guy that plays games in spare time, doing the silly things and whatnot.:B1:

- I'm really Dutch
- Bad at videogames
- Former Weapons Artist at Ubisoft.

- I'm co-creator of the "Googol Glass Eyes" and the "Tyrantium Helmet"
- I'm a co-contributor to the "Vaccinator", "Galvanized Gibus" and the "Ye oiled Baker Boy"
- Been involved in various community updates both official and unoffical, for example the Night of The Living Update 2 Logo was done by me.
- I'm the other Pyro in Timbl4's W+M2 movie.
- Check out my workshop, to see other work I've contributed on.

Always available for a chat, advice or other help regarding TF2, modding or visual arts in general.

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W+M2 Pyro Video
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BerigeBloem Sep 9 @ 12:18pm 
i would love to see this. name: engineer's second opinion, stats: positives: Overheals any player by 80 hp. downsides: + 50 % metal cost, only one lvl is available, building cannot be picked up nor be detroyed by engineer
BerigeBloem Sep 9 @ 12:18pm 
wacht wat
UnderAverage Jul 14 @ 4:15am 
oh dus je bent een nederlander?
noem alle kaassoorten op.
Lucyfer Jun 23 @ 7:46am 
Hello! I am a growing vaccinator collector. I was curious if you would be able to sign one of my vaccinators? I can throw you some payment aswell via ingame items.
Sandvich Thief May 14 @ 12:10am 
You worked on some weapon textures for the TF2TIP project, is it possible if I could get the source files for those please?
If you don't wanna hand them out, that's perfectly fine and I respect that. Any response is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
DrMietek Mar 18 @ 12:02pm 
Hey, we met on a casual dustbowl some time ago. I was askig about your self-made key and you said that it's possibly for sale. Added for further discussion