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chompa- haxed me 3:

5:02 PM - ring me: mixchamp needs one more
5:02 PM - Console-: im buying soup sorry
5:02 PM - ring me: wat

"Mom, basically I'm pounding right now" -JDuff

"Marxist is the medic that lost his legs in a mining accident, right?" -JT

"Spy is good on mid because not even your team's expecting you to be that retarded." -N1ght

"If froyotech wins I'm going to take a sip of water."-Azazel

"It's not anime if black people like it" -JT

Me-"You need to be one minute early to school, Jesse."
Me-"Well, look at slemnish. He shows up a minute early and he topfrags."

1:58 AM - not ready: going to go so i can wake up and hang out with my boyfriend
1:59 AM - MinimalPound: ok
1:59 AM - not ready: im really excited b/c he just asked me out yesterday and he kissed me and OH MY GOD ASEEDV SDF SDF VSDF SDFG BNSER BDVGFD
1:59 AM - MinimalPound: ok
1:59 AM - MinimalPound: so
1:59 AM - not ready: im sorry im a little bitch
1:59 AM - MinimalPound: go to bed lol
1:59 AM - not ready: ok bye love you daddy <3
1:59 AM - MinimalPound: <3

9:44 shellyshotgun: Sometimes when I'm home alone I role around in my front lawn and pretend I'm a carrot

JDuff: i will murder ur entire family with a ham sandwich on a fishing rod :D

Console-: but
Console-: sock pee
zaboomafoo: you got a point there

bxcr :3: ill be sure to bust out the girl dicks for that game
Console- LFT 'ringme: owo
bxcr :3: dude girl cock is my favorite saying in the English language

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
12:58 AM - Console-: im sleepy uwu
12:58 AM - Console-: 🚨ALL HOMIES REPORT🚨 / 🚔 \ / 🚔 \ / 🚔 🚔 \ / \ 🚫🚫this mf needs a kiss goodnight 🚫🚫
12:58 AM - dohoonkabhankoloos: lmao
12:58 AM - dohoonkabhankoloos: have a good night my man :P
12:58 AM - dohoonkabhankoloos has changed their name to zaboomafoo.
12:59 AM - Console-: goodnight *kisses cheek but not in a gay way bc were homies*
12:59 AM - zaboomafoo: that's exactly what I was gonna do
12:59 AM - Console-: more of in a
12:59 AM - Console-: c o s m i c s o r t a w a y
12:59 AM - zaboomafoo: exaaacctttlllyyyy
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