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I do not trade items from game inventories like TF2 or CSGO and pretty often block people asking me for that.
I do not accept random friend requests except from high-level profiles.
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My rules for trading Non-Marketable Foil Cards
- I trade my duplicate NM foils 1:1 for NM foils of the same set I do not have yet

- I cross trade my duplicate marketable or NM foils for NM foils I do not have. For NM cross tardes I take into account the number of cards per set. For example, a cross trade of cards from a set of 5 for cards from a set of 10 has an exchange ratio of 1:2 than 1:1. This ensures cards traded have roughly similar crafting prices. For marketable cross trades I might consider market value and card availability on the market.

- I also have full sets for trade. I trade them for NM full sets single NM cards from different sets adding up to a full set in total

- I usually do not break sets

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Non-Marketable Badge Scarcity List
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This guide briefly explains how to generate an Excel file containing Steam badges ordered by scarcity. Information about badge scarcity is useful for trading non-marketable trading cards, especially foil cards. No programming skills required
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Steam Trading Cards are virtual cards earned by playing games on Steam that can be combined into game badges.
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