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Personal Achievements

Pixball Newbie

Obtain a Pixball.
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 3:26am


Cook your first dish.
Unlocked Feb 9 @ 3:30am

Treasure Hunter

Open all the treasure boxes in the game.

Nutrient Fortified

Reach max hearts.

Armed to the Teeth

Upgrade all weapons to their max levels.

Another Story

Defeat the Demon King in Earth Born.

Pixball Collector

Collect at least 1 of every type of Pixball.

Pixball Master

Collect every single Pixball.

Salty Stinking Rich

Obtain 1,000 salt from off a Salt Bug.

Ear Lender

Interact with 50 different NPCs.

Social Butterfly

Interact with 100 different NPCs.

Naturally Gifted

Learn all of Sam's abilities.

Five-Star Chef

Collect every recipe in the game.

Fat and Happy

Eat every food item in the game.

Human Refrigerator

Collect every ingredient in the game.

Prepared for Anything

Upgrade your bomb and ammo boxes to their maximum capacities.

Monster Pack

Upgrade your backpack to its maximum capacity.

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