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Beat the game.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:23pm

Bronze Gates

It rains metal here.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:00pm

Chasing Losses

Consume the 'Double or Nothing' pills.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:25pm


Cash out immediately in 'Double or Nothing'.
Unlocked Apr 29 @ 6:35am

Coin Flip

Successfully shoot yourself with a blank, facing 50/50 odds.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:31pm

Name Taken

Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:26pm

High Rollers

Check the leaderboard.
Unlocked Apr 27 @ 11:25pm


Start the 'Double or Nothing' mode 10 times.


Double your earnings in 'Double or Nothing' and win.


Cash out over 1,000,000 in 'Double or Nothing'.

Digita, Orava and Koni

Breakfast of champions.

Know When To Quit

Lose more than 1000K in 'Double or Nothing'.

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