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Capt Fuzzy Jul 16 @ 6:27am 
You are more than welcome, and I learned something new about those dots today as well.
Apparently, you can customize the color of the dots to your liking... :steamhappy:
Nikk M. Jul 16 @ 4:59am 
Didnt realize there was a multiplayer mod section. Thank you for your helpfulness! :)
+rep Amazing, helped my long time problem in sfm :D
Trouble Truflfle #tf2center Apr 11 @ 6:46am 
Nevermind I just used different shots it is actually quite easy and also removes the blur that happens during instant camera movement
Capt Fuzzy Apr 11 @ 4:16am 
In that tutorial, I show you how to stop that from happening by selecting time in the motion editor and clearing the previous motion data, without messing up what you've previously animated...
Trouble Truflfle #tf2center Apr 10 @ 11:39pm 
In your reply to my question
No I know how to animate the camera in sfm I know hot to make it move make it rotate to focus on a object and lock it to a moving model
My problem is if I insert a key in the graph editor then the camera will start to move in a arc before returning to it's original position
For example I want to make the camera move back to see a large model so I animate in the graph editor to slowly move backward and to animate I use a key but if I use a key then the camera moves on it's own even if I did not even animate the camera in the field place