I care about my team
Phan Văn Minh   Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam
Why am i here?What is real?

And why are you here?

Stop wasting your time!

Really why are you still here?

Xd why am i doing this and why are you still here?

Hey,how are ya?

Good...good...how your day so

It great to have some friends.

Well i'm really want to say thanks you for being a friend.


Me 🔫

It not helping but it end my suffer.

Just don't do that,please why are you doing sucide?

Please you can't.

O well i'm just going to give up,here i go down the hill.


Welp i'm not going to get back up that hill.

Cya xd
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This is my shit.
Hello there who reading this random box.
First of all,i'm from Viet Nam and my name is Minh for short.But the other kind of information about me....just ignore it.
Secondly,i play game on a potato laptop(The stuff about it is ugh nah i'm not gona show em to you.)
Thirdly,please say hello to my Mio friend(Notice meh).
Finaly,i have no idea what i'm doing here.

You may wondering why i ugh do this,well why not so come along to the random text adventure.

There was a boy who really like to have fun with his friends...

But that happiness doesn't go along with his parent.Untill the day his....

....father leave his mother and him all by them self,unlucky his mother is a .............

(Fuck you if you said my mother is a ho)

a poor women who have no job....their life become harder and harder,each day they have to suffer..

Their bills,rents,drugs that his mother have taken to let go the pain from all of this.

The boy was depressed at the time,but he have something that nobody have....

his talent that god him self have gave him the talent to create something no body can...

(Don't you dare to say that making babies)

His knowlegde about the world even enough to F U C K cancer.

The one thing here is his family is poor as hell,one of his neighbour help him and his mother...

Not for long untilk his mother pass away leaving him a boy to get his way to safe people.

K i'm done with the adventure now if you want more(O please don't),i will write of more this.By ugh idk say something in the coment bar?

Ok cya

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Sonny 23 hours ago 
O-oh god, your profile looks so... a-ah, I'm shy... it... it looks f-fantastic >/////////<<<<<<<<<<
I... r-really like it... maybe... maybe we could... b-be friends...? P-please?
I have anxiety disorder and social awkardness... I also hate my parents and I'm a neet...
P-please don't mind if I'm angry for no reason to get your attention sometimes... I have bipolar disorder, too.......
♥♥♥♥ YOU ♥♥♥♥♥
Please accept my friend r-request? ^w^
Did I say your avatar looks awesome? I... really like it~ Rawr~~~~
Eh hem, I hope you have a great day~
PS I'm a furry too <3
I care about my team Oct 17 @ 5:02am 
Send help.
Sonny Sep 29 @ 6:56pm 
+rep has good taste
I care about my team Jun 28 @ 8:10pm 
11/10,too much to handle the fun :3
Welcome Back. How was it?
I care about my team Jun 28 @ 8:28am 
I'm back from the holiday :D