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For those that don't want to read this MASSIVE essay, it's just the script of this video.

First the most basic idea of what this is take the high quality polish medieval fantasy that could rival game of thrones and put it in the most nerdist form ever, a card game. So if you’re like me and loved the world of the Witchers series and worried this was another one of those lets ruin the franchise with this game like so many have in the past, looking at you Mass Effect, Fallout, Halo,Gears of War and Assassin’s Creed, Star Wars both the movies and games. Maybe when you have so many disappointments these past few years, I expected a card game cash grab, but man I will never doubt you CD Project RED. I never would have thought that I would play a card game and I’m glad I took a risk on this game.

I mean I did love gwent in Witcher 3. I gathered every card and dueled everyone. So it wasn’t really a risk because, because the only downside is that this would get stale after 30 hours of only doing the same battles over and over. Yea you heard me, it’s 35 hours going through 5 areas with over 110 battles. That might sound like a lot, but you have so much to do and I especially love one type of battle, which some hate. But I’m not your typical card playing dude, so this wasn’t an issue for me, but these puzzles were so cool. You are given a custom deck, some special rules and try to figure out how to beat that “battle”.

Around a quarter of the battles are these one time, unique figure out how to solve the puzzles. Some examples are eliminate the creature without losing a single solider, have cows eat corpses in the right order, match ingredients to troops describing a recipe to somehow kill a troll. Out drink your friend with alcohol. The amount of creativity in these blow my mind. Every single one was cool, about a dozen were too hard for me and I had look them up online, which could be seen as a negative, but I love being bested by developers. They have so many cool ones that I won’t spoil. Then you have story ones, that can be a mixture of the standard fights or some 1 round special challenges like get your ally through a maze undetected while he tries to illegally steal something to legally help someone get married.

So the other half has you doing the usual win by having the most points in each round and best 2 out of 3 wins. And OH MY GOD, the amount of cards you unlock and the mechanical depth they bring makes me hard. I know most card games are equally as awesome, but their PVP. So before I get into more about the gameplay, I’ll briefly talk about the story and how it ties into gameplay, plus we all know the story it great, as they already won awards on how great their writing is, so I don’t need to sell you on that.

So you play; Meve queen of Lyria and Rivia, yes a woman, it’s amazing when it’s well written you don’t notice the gender, as your focused on the character and story, I don’t think she ever mentioned being oppressed and this game is dark and would of fit in fine, but that low tier writing. You only see and use gelart once, as this is separate and shows the series has more to offer than reusing the main hero. Looking at you Disney. You then meet a bunch of characters ranging from Reynard the old man, Gascon the Chris Pratt. Holy Erik , peaceful Lydia and racist Rayla and many more. That you will grow to admire, love, hate but need them, or don’t care because they offer nothing or wish they would join and didn’t mean to make that choice that prevented from joining you because you read reviews saying choices were meaningless. So choices matter. Characters can leave, and some have OP abilities that can win battles for you. So you don’t want them to leave.

A great example without spoiling, is Reynard and Rayla combo, he refreshes her ability and anyone else that has one, while she can summon a card of your choosing. Sounds cool right, but this can happen only once per game. So you level up Reynard to refresh every 2 rounds if using the right setup and this combo is deadly, so deadly that I looked past Rayla killing whole villages to fill her racists urges, so I could can keep her. Fair tradeoff

I used this and another deadly combo to break the game, but I had to as the final boss fight was the hardest in the game. So the game forced me to break it. With that said, the game isn’t perfectly balanced. So if you were thinking this would be a fun introduction to the multiplayer, your wrong. None of these cards work the same way anyways, and you’re here for the open world aspect, which is really awesome. You go through the 5 regions trying to gather allies to help you on your quest to find Camelot and the holy grail.

Jokes aside, you use these areas to gather resources that you use for both creating cards and dealing with choices in quests. And if you don’t like the puzzle battles you can skip them all, and like half the other battles. So you could cut the game time in half to under 20 hours if you don’t do everything like me. It might get tedious to gather all the piles of resources scattered around the world, but you get way more than you’ll ever need, but I can’t help my OCD requiring me to get all of them. One more thing about the story before I forget. You do have voice acted dialogue with very stylized art with basic animation for more main quest driven parts. But the bulk of the story is told through a text adventure style method with tremendous detail to best help you visualize it. I don’t remember the last time I ever used my imagination to create a story in my head. They did an excellent job with the audio to help you along the way. So that explains without spending anymore time, the story aspect.

Now back to the cards. So you can get characters, lose them if you displease them. Gather a lot from quests, battles that offer non-duplicable trinket style cards, I think there are around 30 of them that offer so many varied abilities for all kinds of builds. I do understand why card games are fun, after playing this, gathering all the cards experimenting with them, the amount of ways to play is great and it almost makes me want to play the multiplayer version.
I think that sums the game, oh wait the only thing I hated about this game and it just pisses me off, is you have these golden chests that you find through treasure maps, beating certain battles or just stumbling upon them by exploring, that give you cards and rewards for the MULITPLAYER. I DIDN”T SPEND $30 dollars to open these epic chests that give me nothing for what I’m CURRENTLY DOING. I understand why they did it, but WHY DID THEY DO IT?!?!?! It’s so annoying and demoralizing to open every chest and get nothing I need and yes even knowing what they give, I still opened them all because my OCD and their shiny and I love the effects when you get that thing I’ll never use.

So It’s obviously my game of the year, and I can say that because it has done a couple things. Made me gamble and not regret paying full price, and to finally play my first card game. It also didn’t ruin the franchise and makes wonder how this got made, as it’s such a gamble in todays’s market, it’s not battle royale but it is following the cards trend with the multiplayer version that is free, but why spend so much effort and money to make this masterpiece to maybe convert some over to GWENT, I might if every game this year is complete trash. I do want to try Slay the Spire,but other than that I don’t think I’ll ever play a card game again. I mean this is the pinnacle. It’s so unique and fresh I can’t help but want more, just like the DLC for witcher 3 was the best ever, they could do it to this game as well. which won’t happen because it didn’t sell well because it’s a story driven singleplayer open world card game, let that sink in. Whoever was the lead designer and came up with this idea of a game, Thank GOD for you. Anyways get the game.
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3 hours of nutty insane action

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