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i pissed off a furry and now they are mass reporting me and my friends :ujel:
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i live in your head RENT FREE
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Dr. Mario explains transgender ideology to you
Hi there, it's a-me, Dr. Mario! I don't know if you are aware, but there are people out there that think that gender is a spectrum. Yes, I'm being serious. I didn't go to college just to be a plumber, I also took classes on biology and various other courses to make me legally a doctor. Now what these people try to tell you is that gender is decided in the mind and sex is decided in your chromosomes. That is completely false, gender and sex are the same thing. I've also seen articles "proving this", which just basically state that people with gender dysphoria have the mind of the opposite gender. Of course they do, it's a mental disorder where you think you are the other gender. Another talking point I see often is that it's "advanced biology" and our weak and feeble minds just can't understand it. Advanced biology is a buzzword and if you ask them what it means, they draw a blank. No matter what surgery you go through, you cannot change your gender. Unless in the distant future, they figure out how to manipulate your chromosomes to change your gender, you cannot change it. But by that time, most mental disorders would also be eliminated. You may also hear that the reason for the high suicide rates is because of "bigotry", which is completely false. It's because gender dysphoria has a high rate of suicide. The suicide rates going down is because people without gender dysphoria is being brainwashed into thinking it is a good idea. But since they don't have gender dysphoria, they don't contract any symptoms from it. Tune in next time where I rant on the COVID vaccine.
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I seem to have burst into flames.
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+rep is a minority muncher:federalagent:
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aint no way over 400 hours on a furry porn game NAHH thats sus amigo
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pretty sad to see such youth be tainted by evil ideology. if any adults are reading this page, don't let your kids be indoctrinated into the church of hating thy neighbour.
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aint no way