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Hello you can send me any 1:1 same set card / emoticon / background trade and I will accept it.
I accept trades with tradehold, you may join my friendlist especially with tradehold.

This Service is for the regular person who wants to complete its sets.
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Have fun trading!
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last played on May 14
3.1 hrs on record
last played on May 14
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last played on May 10
Choco :D Apr 26 @ 7:27pm 
Thank you for the trades :lunar2020hearteyesrabbit:
igel2005 Apr 14 @ 4:59pm 
glad the bot is back up. thank for the trades... have an deserved award
morph [sfarog] Apr 8 @ 2:59am 
Hey, i am glad you're back. You were my favorite duplicate trading bot, and i was kinda bummed when you went MIA.
MonoTheKing⭐ Apr 6 @ 7:48pm 
Great STM Trader, thanks for the trade! :3:
appacukafundaluka Apr 5 @ 10:37am 
Thank you for the trades:cozybethesda: Friend request sent for future trade.
morph [sfarog] Jan 2 @ 3:42am 
Wake up, Samurai!
We're there, we arrived in 2022.

:iwanttobelieve: Happy New Year! :iwanttobelieve: