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RGL S1 Open Prime pocket scout/roamer (2nd place)
RGL S2 Intermediate pocket scout (2nd place)
RGL S3 Div 2 flank scout (1st place)
RGL S4 Div 1 flank scout (2nd place)
RGL S5 Invite subbing as scout (8/10)
Rest of the seasons (MIA)
scarfs Oct 17 @ 7:50pm 
> Keep your distance! Stay at least 50 yards away from them – half the length of a football field.
> If a mountain goat approaches, slowly move away from it to keep a safe distance.
> If it continues to approach, chase it off by yelling, waving a piece of clothing, or throwing rocks.
> Do not feed the mountain goats or allow them to lick your skin or backpack.
> If you need to urinate while hiking, please go away from the trail to avoid leaving concentrations of salts and minerals near the trail.
kristofferson Sep 13 @ 9:31pm 
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slummingbird Aug 17 @ 3:49pm 
Yeaaa Its Been Real Lil Bro Imma Head Out Tho I’ll See Yal Boys *Daps Up*
slummingbird Aug 6 @ 2:43pm 
7k club
slummingbird Jul 25 @ 1:49pm 
a castle atop slime city
lucius Jul 12 @ 10:32pm 
yo if this you in this clip im tryna get this hud bro. lmk