Zoltán Jóni   Hungary
It's hard to being a wall-nut.
Others always confusing with POTATO
I'm a WALL-NUT! Also purple. And Thanos left nut.

An average day for me (Thanks to Jeekus) []
My Steamrep []
Hey all! Welcome to my profile
My name is bbankrablo. No, not my mother gave me that name... :D:
Steam ID64: 76561197991880022
Please, if you want something and writing me a PM or on profile:
Use English or hungarian language!
Can help out myself if you writing me like German or something (with Babelfish or Google translate), but that only makes harder to understand.
Or if you want more problems, write me in Russian / Chinese, or invent a new language!
I'l do the same :ssltank: :wwpmine:

I love trading. Doing it not just because of profit :goldpouch: :VeneticaGoldCoin: :PSring:
It's more like a passion. Lifestyle. :B1:
Made several good (and some not that good) trades already.
Scammers: be aware, already reported a bunch of you, some of them already been banned! (with ALL accounts)

:gin_cactus: BEWARE! Check twice who will you trade! :gin_cactus:

- Passed 2500 games now. Have Mafia 1. The original one, the uncut version.
Hard to get that nowadays. Also Motor Rock
- I'm at LVL 72 and rising
- Got some badges (134 at this point)
- You can see me a lot of times in Shellshock Live.
- Custom URL (not 765lotsofnumbers...). Also ID64 on my profile picture.
- 99% of the times: not trading AAA stuffs: because I can't, no budget for those!
- Wrote lots of useless sh*t in my textbox on profile

Mostly getting / got my stuffs from bundles-raffles or trading. Rarely buying from store. (especially on Summer / Winter sales)
I'm open for almost every offer. Accepting TF2 / CSGO etc currencies / items
Steam trading cards, games (tradeable / key) etc.
But not interested for Desura / Origin / uPlay etc stuffs (which is not Steam related)
Sometimes just getting games for my friends, just because. No special reason needed.

Not a game addict, but not casual. Staying in the middle of both.
I :8bitheart: old / retro games, and fan of the indie games.
Not like Rock Simulator etc, those are just dumb.
Grown up with a rusty Commodore 64, that's why I like these gems.
Also racing games. Flatout, (almost) any Need For Speed...
FPS: not good in them, but sometimes i just putting in Quake 2 or 3 to manage my anger :D:
RPG: only if Heroes of M&M style. Or similar to Torchlight.
Strategy games: build & conquer style games (Age of Empires, Starcraft, Act of War, C&C series etc)
I love hate those turn-based hexa-style games like the old Panzers. Can't play with them!

Past nuclear power plant
- Intel Pentium D 915 (2x2.8GHz)
- 4gb DDR800 RAM
- 1gb AMD Radeon HD 6670 DX11
- 500gb HDD

Current one
- AMD A8 6600k 4x3.9GHz
- 6gb DDR1333 RAM
(others are same, replaced the mobo + CPU + RAM)

Useful links and tools (no reflinks inside)

- My Trade offer link

- SteamTradeMatcher (for exchanging cards 1:1 with users / bots) []
- Pro-Z (Games for cards / keys) []
- SteamCardExchange (same just with bot) []
- Trashdump (give/take items for free)
- Enhanced Steam extension for your browser []
- If you want some "background" info - SteamDB []
- SteamTrades []
- SteamGifts - Game Giveaways []
- You can check your / anyone's inventory's worth []
- If you don't have a smartphone to use Steam trades, you can use this desktop authenticator for Windows []

You can buy bundles here

- Humble Bundle []
- IndieGala []
- Groupees (not just games, eBooks, music, movies etc) []
- Fanatical (former BundleStars) []

Life: don't ask, ain't got any.

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bbankrablo Apr 13 @ 2:17am 
I hope it's okay now (I'm bbankrablo still, just made some changes)
bbankrablo Apr 12 @ 5:49pm 
I hope this crap didn't spreaded too much :lunar2020horrifiedrat:
bbankrablo Apr 12 @ 5:30pm 
Now I see, thx for the info
Scry🔮 Apr 12 @ 5:29pm 
Hacked account, sends scam links.

_118 Apr 20, 2020 @ 10:14am 
🌂🥗🥞 Performance review for bbankrablo 💙🚕🥒

Tries to follow instructions but can sometimes miss a step or misinterpret what is required. bbankrablo completes more than 75% but less than 90% of assignments on time and to a good standard. Usually eager to work, but on one or two occasions has been less than willing to tackle an assignment within the range of competence, or reluctant to learn something new. Usually defensive when efforts are criticised – but they nevertheless tries to learn from mistakes.

🎈 + 📘 = 🌽
anothabrotha👍🏼 Jan 26, 2020 @ 8:28am 
Just thought I´d add you - we´re practically neighbors & share some Commodore history ; -