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Beautiful vibrant graphics that shine in a plethora of diverse worlds

Simple, yet addicting gameplay that has more to it than meets the eye

Wonderful story that hits your emotions very hard

Dialogue between teammates feels organic and highlights their strengths and weaknesses

Great soundtrack that brings out the Guardian’s style we have come to know from comics and movies
Bugs that will not only annoy, but impede advancing in the campaign

Too much back-and-forth that feels forced and sometimes cuts over each other

Flawed progression system that lacks in depth and doesn’t do enough to encourage utilizing it

Censoring of curse words feels off and bothersome to hear

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (GotG) is a single-player game that excels in its simple gameplay and world building. As the leader of the band of misfits, you must go from world to world, fixing the mess you created and saving the galaxy while at it. With detailed levels, fun gameplay, and plenty of humor, there is a lot to like, but it isn’t all positive. There is a good chunk of bugs that can range from annoying to game-breaking. Along with a lacking progression system, this experience fails to live up to the hopes I had for it. I did enjoy the story and its gameplay, but I recommend waiting for a sale.

Who This Game is For
Those who enjoy story-driven experiences. Great for Marvel fans, this is what Marvel’s Avengers should have been.
Is it worth the cost?
No. $35 or less.


+World Detail/Variety: One of the two aspects I enjoy the most out of GotG is the graphics. More specifically, I love the way each world not only looks, but feels different. From the dark, neo-noire alleys of Knowhere to the snowy tundras of Maklu IV, every location uses its specialized assets to help it stand out. The detail that is put into the levels showcases the uniqueness and vibrancy to a very successful extent.
+Character Models: Just like the levels, characters also had a lot of care put to them. Each main character is distinct and detailed, being able to see their pores and the fabrics of their clothing. Most other people in this game are just as detailed; even the grunts have enough variety to keep things from looking stale.

+Effective Gunplay: Other than some minor platforming, most of your time will be spent fighting enemies. As Star Lord, the only character you can play as, you will be able to use his twin guns and jet boots. While this limits you and keeps gameplay simple, it doesn’t hurt the experience. Primarily, you will be shooting while running around, dodging, and hovering around using your jet boots. Right clicking allows you to lock on to them so you can focus on moving around. On top of this, there are status effects that can make hostiles take more damage, a stagger bar to paralyze, and elemental shots which can destroy shields and inflict other effects like pulling them to you.
+The Guardian Abilities: You won’t be the only one on the field though, your team will be by your side. They are controlled by AI when in battle, but you can instruct them to use specific abilities. Each guardian, including yourself, has 4 abilities, 3 regular and 1 ultimate. They each have unique effects and could hit 1 or multiple targets. Time slows down when you are choosing an ability to command, which gives you a chance to think about strategy and combining abilities to really destroy your foes. The system works well and can feel incredible when you are attacking a boss and chain abilities together perfectly to demolish 75% of their health in a couple seconds. You can also call in a huddle. This brings the guardians to you to buff and heal all teammates.

-Progression Systems: There are two progression systems in the game to enhance your characters in different ways. First, there is an ability point system to unlock those 4 abilities for each person. To get those points, you must win your fights, which come in waves. You get around 300-400 xp per encounter and you get a point every 1000 xp. That is all this system is used for and becomes useless 70% of the way through the campaign. Second, you find different components through each map which allows you to upgrade Star Lord specifically and give yourself perks. These perks range from quick reloads to a time slowdown when dodging at the right time. While a couple of these 15 perks are necessities, the rest of them don’t feel needed and will either be forgotten or never utilized. I was very disappointed with these systems as they don’t promote growth and feel tacked on.
-Bugs : When roaming around the levels, there is a high chance of encountering a bug in some way. I encountered a couple bugs that made my character sink into a ramp and continually killed me, while another froze an enemy outside the level’s boundaries, making it impossible to progress. I had to restart from the last checkpoint 3 different times just to move forward. There was also a bug that kept making everything vibrate when on some moving platforms, which was just awful to see.

+Overall Tale: The story takes center stage in GotG and it is amazing. I don’t want to spoil it, as it takes so many twists and turns, but it is well-written and has a host of powerful moments. There is one moment with Drax on Knowhere that really hit hard, and if you play, you’ll know the one I am talking about. This is what I want from a Marvel game when it comes to story, and I am so glad it was here.
+Choices: Throughout the missions, you will be able to make dialogue choices which can have a profound effect on later moments. Helping one character earlier led to a huge battle at the end being skipped because they remembered and rescued me. It was an unexpected, awesome experience.

+/-Companion Dialogue: As you are going through levels and battling, the guardians will all communicate with each other. This is usually in the form of roasting or telling stories. These moments really feel organic and bring the characters alive, which I love, but this game overdoes it. They have so much to say that they will sometimes cut off full conversations to start new ones. I didn’t think it would be possible to have too much of this, but there are many times I was proven wrong.

-Flarking Censorship: To hit that T rating, the devs decided to censor any cursing by replacing them with a similar word. Flark is the most prominent one and while some may not mind, I was extremely annoyed by hearing so much of this word. Since they are so close to their originals, it feels jarring to hear. I would have rather them taken out cursing instead of this.

+Collectibles and Choices: With the game relying on its campaign, there aren’t any replayable-specific modes. But on the bright side, there are collectibles that can lead to new conversations between the guardians to learn more about their backstory as well as new outfits, which are inspired by previous events and the MCU movies. And because the choices really affect the story, replaying to see what would happen with a different choice would be worthwhile. All in all, GotG was not built for replayability, but it is worth it to go back once or twice.

Eidos Montreal is the devs for this game and have worked on the Deus Ex series. I very much like their work, especially Deus Ex: Human Revolution. While I do have personal issues with their publisher, Square Enix (Supporting NFTs in games), I think Eidos made a solid game.
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