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Posted: Sep 6, 2018 @ 1:56am
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Early Access Review
Scum is mostly a SURVIVAL game.

You have to learn a lot of new mechanics like metabolism which inludes calorie balance and vitamins intake, walking/jogging/running, no 3rd person peeking, tracking animals, crafting which is kind of different, cooking, etc.

Map is 12x12 kilometers which is maybe too much at this stage of the game. However, developers have promised vehicles so that makes sense. Map environment, which is inspired by Croatia, is astonishing. Throughout the world you can find military bases, military bunkers, small cities with police stations and a few points of interest like airport, dam and railway.

There are few types of AI in the game. Mech (robots) are guarding the high loot military areas and they are pretty badass, so it's a high risk - high reward. Puppets (zombies) can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have only melee weapons but you can use stealth to avoid them. Animals give you a lot of food, if you are able to kill them. Sometimes you just wound them but you can use tracking mechanic to find them again.

If you are looking for a PVP only game, I don't think this is a game for you. If you just want to run, find a weapon and hunt other players you'll get bored pretty soon because you have to take care of your character's metabolism to maintain your energy and stamina regeneration.

Current stage of the game is just ok. Servers are getting better each day, but fps is dropping due memory leaks. Developers have already released four or five patches in the first week of early access which could help you understand how much they want to make a best survival game out there.

If you decide to play this game, I recommend you to join Discord community which can help you a lot at the beginning of your Scum journey.
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