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Hello, fellow POOPLE.
Hi, I am Beta . I am 9 years old. Add me anytime you want to play any of the video game that my potato can run.


A Beta is a male who, instead of being Alpha and manning up, completely bitches out. Can apply to many situations, but often refers to scenarios with women .

Guy 1: Bro, hook me up with that girl's friend
Guy 2: Fuck that. I'm going to double up with both of them. Stop being such a beta .


In Indian culture , it's used by usually aunty-ji (older women) towards younger kids for almost any reason. Seriously.

Aunty-Ji: Beta, come over here!
Teen: What?
Aunty-Ji: You need to have lots of food so you can grow taller!
Teen: I'm already done with my growth spurt, Aunty. I'm also really full.
Aunty-Ji: Not on my watch!
*shoves some dosa down the teen's mouth*

There you go you lazy ass MY INVENTORY
I don't have a lot, look at MY BACKPACK []
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