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I love making assets for Cities: Skylines and probably spend as much time doing that these days as I play the game. Check out my Patreon or Twitter to keep up with what I'm working on.
Workshop Showcase
HKara Sep 21 @ 10:00am 
Thank you Avanya :D
Avanya Sep 21 @ 5:45am 
@wayfray: I'll have a look :)
wayfray Sep 20 @ 8:41pm 
I saw that you had responded to this discussion about terrain textures - would you happen to have more suggestions on how to fix the issue?
RawDawg Sep 17 @ 10:45am 
@Avanya: Thanks for the reply. I finally got it figured out. No easy task either.
Avanya Sep 17 @ 9:28am 
@RawDawg: I am not the right person to ask I'm afraid! I haven't used CSUR myself, even though I really want to try it! You are probably better off asking in Steam Discussions or on the collection for the assets/mods.
RawDawg Sep 17 @ 9:17am 
Avanya, I sent you a friend request. I was hoping (if you have time) to pick your brain about CSUR. I have been working on understand that crazy road system and I have one hurdle I cannot seem to cross. Any help would be appreciated.