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IceFoxx Jun 10 @ 5:28am 
Hello sir, just wanted to ask if you know when exactly you plan to shut down the "Second Extiction" Servers - because some friends of mine would like to play it, but if you plan to shut down soon, it wouldnt make sense. Thanks for reply.
qpDevildb Apr 28 @ 11:33am 
SleepyFirearms Apr 13 @ 10:58pm 
Second extinction was a scam, and generation zero is the same you shameless coward. Charlatan. We see you, we know you're pathetic nature. Keep going, subsisting on the benefit of the doubt. How many dreams have you bastard devoured? Is the money you've earned ever been worth the disappointment and lies that have become synonymous with you? When you became a game dev I'm sure you dreamed too, of releasing something worthwhile. Or have you always had your sights set on mediocrity? What would you as a child think, but of the hatred of your complicit failure?
Novix Jan 20 @ 5:31pm 
Shame the game didnt work out. But i do wish ya'll the best and look forward to future games!
SewerynPas Jan 16 @ 12:23pm 
+rep his dad has biggest rust base on server
Pro-Soldier Nov 23, 2023 @ 4:35am