Alan Edwardes
Alan Edwardes   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello! I created Estranged
I'm available on Discord [] as alanedwardes.

I will never DM you - beware of impersonators!
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Thank´s for the game
johnny "peepants" malone Jul 30 @ 3:30pm 
Estranged kicks ass.
Zorro Jul 30 @ 2:24am 
quiet sunday
ikoumelis May 1 @ 12:59pm 
Great game (Estranged Act 1)!!! I totally enjoyed it!!! Congrats!!!
Blaine Apr 12 @ 3:50pm 
Loved Estranged Act 1, but I would love for it to stay on the library! After 100 percenting the game I feel it should stay in your library or at least until you hide the game or remove it from your account.
Oha Apr 10 @ 3:11pm 
Just finished Estranged Act 1. Thanks for creating this awesome mod