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Surf 1 hour ago 
Unseen Unit 11 hours ago 
Hi! TF2’s bot/cheater problem has been a major issue for like 6 years now. Very little has been done to address this problem and it hasn’t been directly acknowledged by anyone at Valve or the TF2 team.
If anyone at Valve could give the community an update on the situation and let us know if it’s being worked on and when it might be fixed that would mean a lot. And if this email could be forwarded or shared to anyone more directly involved with Team Fortress that would be very much appreciated.
×¢Ř 14 hours ago 
employee of hentai c×ck suckin company
×¢Ř 14 hours ago 
kill yourself
Froggy 20 hours ago 
It's a scam crimsondrako.
Crimsondrako 20 hours ago 
Hey mate so this dude reported me accidently for illegal purcahses in csgo and I am worried Ill be banned even though I havent touched csgo in almost two years is there any way I can get this resolved he dmed me on discord and apologised due to the misunderstanding