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2148850 26 minutes ago

The law protects a broad variety of honest consumer assessments, including online reviews, social media posts, uploaded photos, videos, etc. And it doesn’t just cover product reviews. It also applies to consumer evaluations of a company’s customer service.

Grade F
2148850 30 minutes ago 
My experience with support.
Brian got mad. Manual labor...
...and "Substantial Truth!"

I CANNOT HELP IT THAT THE STEAM URLs - links mentioned therein, STILL contain content against their own rules. I tried.
2148850 May 28 @ 10:37am 
My opinion is, that they won't be locking of their own or store partners chat rooms for rules and guidelines violations anytime soon! There are too many of them! It's not a single user where as they can simply delete the users entire comment history for honesty & "Substantial Truth"
"Steam Community Groups
The Steam Community allows players AND PARTNERS to create private or public community groups, each with their own discussion hub, announcement system, and group chatroom. The creators and members of these groups are responsible for ensuring that they adhere to all of the guidelines outlined above.Groups that allow violations of these guidelines may be removed and the accounts involved with uploading the content may be restricted.

I'll believe it when I see it. Show me some honesty & "Substantial Truth" Valve & Steam Support?
2148850 May 28 @ 6:25am 
Oh yes Valve can see ADAM's groups spam history, when, where, how, but this issue goes much, much deeper than just wiping a single users whole profile comment section / activity for a single account lock or ban that had nothing to do with those other comments deleted.?

Scandalous - "Substantial Truth"
2148850 May 28 @ 6:07am 
free cash they say now? idk about that, but its still "commercial content" "advertising"
Hey AL what does the FTC have say about these infuencers?

"Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers2
Do you work with brands
to recommend or endorse
If so, you need to comply with the law
when making these recommendations."
... you can figure out the rest...
2148850 May 28 @ 6:01am 
Imagine for one second, bad actors, uh store partners, on steam turning multiple Steam Groups and better yet steamcommunity's own URL's, in to malicious URLs with no parse urls to "commercial content" to "giveaways with entry requirements" and Valve doing nothing? ADAM re-posting this morning for maximum gaming of Steam User Groups for 'commercial content" to "giveaways with entry requirements"

It's happening Al. And btw the URL address users ultimately end up at, gleeaame io for the giveaway, the posting of that sites URL's on Steam were deemed malicious years ago, link removed!

"Substantial Truth" and disclaimer, I'm just a witness to these business’s products, services, or conduct . Willing to testify under oath to any judge, FTC, Federal Senate Commerce Committee.