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Do not add me to trade
Do not add me for lua help
Do not add me just to be on my friends list
Do not add me to contact someone who also doesn't want you to add them

I do not look at my friend requests, however I do look at my comments so if you want to add me comment A GOOD REASON first or you will be ignored!

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DALIBAN FIGHTER 18 hours ago 
from D3vine gamer to super-server kingpin
seycara Jun 5 @ 4:34pm 
CWRP CO, plz accept friend request
NeverEndingZenTV Jun 1 @ 4:21pm 
Hey this is a long shot but I use to play on your server with a few others and as a mod for some time when playing. my in game name was SUP | SlyKatt. I played with mabel and Ollie often (2 long time staff of the Dark RP Server) if you remember them as well. All this was back when we did most of everything on teamspeak. I'm just a bit curious on how time has changed things if you have a moment. SUP was a big part of my life and I gave up a lot just to spend hundreds of hours logged in. We never got to speak much directly back then so if you don't remember me I understand. I just struggle to remember more than Mabel and Ollie and would like to steal a few minutes to ask a few questions and catch up about whatever you can remember from around that time. Add me if you're willing.
PEPELOGE May 23 @ 12:29pm 
Thank you for sup (borsh):gmod: ru
hello penguin king
TwizzyNick #PLAYFORKEEPS Apr 24 @ 8:35pm 
hello stoned penguin... im going to touch you