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Osiris   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Greetings..! Osiris: god of the afterlife, the underworld & the dead.
Friend slots are few or full and demand is very high, so type a comment below to be considered to be on my friends list...!

If adding me; leave a comment below first, if not i will have to ignore you as my friends list is always full.

If your wanting an mvm kit or tf2 item that i have for sale on the steam market then just BUY it from the steam market...!

Do not ask me to 'give' items for 'free' (including on your 'birthday'...!) - the first time you do - i will delete you without warning...!

All trades are final - i do not do trade back, unless i agree to a trade back before we trade or i choose to.

Thanks for reading...

I am an MvM addict, not because I have no life, but because I have already had / lived many lives...!

btw, i only play 'crazy' heavy in MvM... "fatty4eva" here...! ;)

i never join mvm invites without being asked first so i know which map(s) - also it's not hard to check my game info FIRST...!

imo mvm = co-op = 6 players (normally 6 friends) playing as a team to destroy robots.

if not it can = WARNING players will be VOTEKICKED for poor gameplay, selecting incorrect Class, Weapons, Upgrades, Not Listening / Reading, using Pans or pressing F4 too fast / slow which then = F1 soon after...!


for those of you who don't know this; a heavy does -75% damage to a tank.

each ammo from a minigun fires 4 bullets on a tank, but only 1 bullet will deal damage to it, so in effect it's -75% damage.

13.5 damage for each bullet, crit will be 27, so a minigun at close range will deal constant 11-14, a constant 27 for crit and minicrit will be 12-18 to a tank.

to a robot at close range it will deal 50-54, crit 108 and minicrit 48-72, so you could say the damage a heavy can deal on tank is like shooting a robot from 50 metres away and not miss...
50 metres on a tf2 map is about the distance between the two sniper balconies on the 2fort map.

info provided by 'The Batspan' :spycon:

http://steamrep.com/profiles/76561198046255730 [me on steamrep.com ]

my inventory using backpack.tf bp viewer [backpack.tf]

my inventory using outposts bp viewer [www.tf2outpost.com]

Team Fortress 2 in a Nutshell...

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Missing you
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Thanks for all the hard work with SLSH over the years. Salute*
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How did he pass away?
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX_TFkut1PM I still miss you man. All the times we would ♥♥♥♥ around in MvM, messing with ignorant low-tours.
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trade ushanka
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