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Defier of the Condemnation

Fused with the Proto-fiend Aogami.
Unlocked Jun 15 @ 9:26pm

King Eternal, Immortal, Unbroken

Obtained all achievements.

Battle-Hardened God

Won a battle after triggering reinforcements four times.

Silver-Tongued God

Recruited 30 demons through negotiation during battles.

Macca Beam

Paid a total of 100,000 Macca through negotiation during battles.

Omnipotent Strike

Dealt over 9999 damage in a single blow.

Press Turn King

Struck enemy weaknesses during battle 100 times.

Press Turn Usurper

Managed to Evade, Null, Repel, or Drain enemy attacks 50 times.

You Ready?

Used Magatsuhi Skills during battle 20 times.

Talisman Collector

Collected 36 different talismans.

Periapt Collector

Collected 21 different periapts.

Eat Or Be Eaten

Defeated a Magatsuhi Demon.

Sharp Eyes and Sharper Blade

Defeated a Mitama demon.

Compendium Scholar

Filled the Demon Compendium to over 75% completion.

Compendium Loremaster

Filled the Demon Compendium to 100% completion.

The Whims of Fate

Triggered a fusion accident.

Ever-Changing Essence

Performed Essence Fusion 20 times.

Conductor of Divine Providence

Learned 5 Miracles.

Architect of Divine Providence

Learned 120 Miracles.

Seeker of Lost Children

Found 100 Miman.

Savior of Lost Children

Found 200 Miman.

Aogami Extraction Squad

Examined Aogami husks 20 times.


Acquired relics from relic spots 400 times.

Scholar of Idolatry

Examined 19 different demon statues.

Abscess Absolution

Destroyed 24 Abscesses.

Guardian of Glory

Obtained 50 Amalgams.

Scavenger God

Examined Search Points 100 times.

A Humble Offering

Given gifts to demons in a demon haunt 20 times.

True Blue Buddy

Earned recognition from demons in a demon haunt 10 or more times.

Netherworld Handyman

Completed 5 subquests.

Almighty Fixer

Completed 90 or more subquests.

Purger of Memories

Experienced all virtual trainer battle sequences in Original Mode.

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