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TENSEI combines a traditional art style with an endless climbing platformer using low-gravity falls that allows the player to just relax and wander by giving you 3 jumps after every ground contact or interaction with an environmental object. The three jumps make even wider gaps fairly easy to navigate. The achievements are easily unlockable and only one takes a slight grind. After making it through the main game's first 10,000 meter climb, you also have the option of unlocking Zen mode, which allows for scoreless and deathless climb.

There are only two ways to die in this game, one is dropping too far from your highest climb so far in the run and the other is by touching anything that's red, described as "Worldly Desires." You can purify these by "stomping" on them from above, gaining some ink that gradually fill up the inkwell to then turn your character into a dragon that has infinite jumping ability for the duration. You can also add ink by jumping through some ink circles throughout the level.

At first I thought the game would have no thematic differences and the climb would eventually get dull from the same color-less scenery on repeat. But there are four seasonal transitions from the base, plus additional scenery changes as you go higher, even reaching into the heavens and having some additional sights that are worth exploring.

Priced at only $2.99 US with some regional differences, the game offers a relaxing endless climber experience, which is an unusual combination, given that runners and climbers are usually fast paced with potential to lose a lot of progress through an accidental misstep.

3D low-gravity platforming endless climber.

Controller recommended.

Fantastic artwork and style.

Music & Sounds
Soothing, relaxing, nothing fancy, changes with scenery/theme changes in-game.

People looking to have a nice relaxing game with the minimalistic gameplay.

$2.99 US with regional pricing.

TENSEI is absolutely worth your time and the small fee it commands.

I received the product for free. I did not receive any compensation to write this review. The opinions represented here are entirely my own and were not influenced in any way.
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