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Don't be fooled by the outward appearance of this game. It looks like an old-school pixel art game that's not particularly exciting just by the screenshots. But the gameplay loop is rather addictive and it has certainly seen quite a few updates since it first became available on Steam.

Essentially you are looking at a game where you are only controlling the movement of a dungeon-diving hero while all of the attacks are on auto-fire with cooldowns. You collect a set of passives and active weapons along the way as you kill more monsters and picking up exp gems. The runs always end in death, the question is just how long you can survive.

During your run, you also collect coins that can be used in the meta game to give your next run some power-ups as well. With certain in-level progress, you also get to unlock other aspects of the game, some game-play changing, while others are cosmetic.

It's the easiest action game to play in terms of controls, while still presenting quite a bit of challenge. I haven't played all that much in terms of hours, but I can definitely tell that it's worth your time, and the set price of $4.99 US is more than reasonable.

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