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Hello, I'm Xoxeyos. You've just found my profile. How'd you get here? Oh, go take a right turn back at that loop, I'm sure you'll get where you're needed eventually. :anomaly7:
ABOUT ME: Xoxeyos
:ss1bomb: Hey pally, I'm Xoxeyos. You want to know some of my interests, PC specs, etc? :ss1bomb:

Processor: 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-11900K :Uranium:
GPU: RTX 3080 :trilogo:
RAM: 16GB :bigjohn:
Memory: 4052GB :hopeful:
Drawing Pad: Wacom One :p03:
Mic: Audio Technica ATR2100 :asciiterror:

I'm an amateur with 3D modeling and musical composition, nothing special quite yet.

I enjoy playing relaxed MTG Commander, Modded Minecraft, SS13, Roguelikes, Immersive Sims, and Horror games.
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System Shock: Enhanced Edition