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Making games with Game Maker since 2005. There's no "progress past GameMaker" - it's the ULTIMATE 2D game engine there is, yet.
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Never mind the 0.1 hours on record, I've been using the GameMaker since 2005.

Greatest tool to make 2D games with so much less overhead than other engines offer at the moment.

Believe me, because after being an indie games enthusiast for some years, I've built my console publishing business from scratch on this engine, pioneering such obscure things as publishing on Xbox with UWP. As of 2022, GameMaker's bigger than ever in its history. If you're into 2D games (and you really should be, before going 3D), check it out.
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Xitilon May 28 @ 2:33am 
Everyone, please use the support email from any of the support pages of the games that I publish. I rarely check my Steam and messages tend to get lost here. With emails I can set reminders and stuff. Thanks for the support! :cozybethesda:

dalet.owens, I've considered making a learn Kanji game, but Kanji is just so difficult and diverse, I'm not sure how to tackle it yet. The next game in line would be Learn Hangul, as it's an alphabet, while Kanji is a vast array of symbols. Maybe we'll do only the very basic Kanji.

Former Knight, making patches is kind of difficult with Sony, as it requires to compile a new version of the game, unpack it, unpack the previous version, calculate the differences between them, pack them again, and all this for every region separately. But we'll look into that next month.
dalet.owens May 20 @ 8:23am 
Will you make a learn Kanji game for the ps4 or just Hiragana and Katakana? It has helped me a lot when I was learning those, thank you!
Former Knight May 7 @ 11:23am 
Yours is definitely WAY harder than Kenta's version.

The original has the player near the middle of the screen which makes it much easier to avoid the balls and allows more of them onscreen to score higher. In your version, the player can't move away from near the left edge of the screen which makes it impossible to dodge some balls and also means that the bomb explosion ends up catching a lot less balls and scoring much lower.

I know it seems like I'm getting deep on a simple arcade game here but I'm from a trophy hunting community and we're wondering if there's any possibility you'd patch it to make it a bit closer to the original difficulty. Nobody's managed to get the platinum yet because 500 is nearly impossible to score without a ton of luck.

Completely understand if not, we'll keep supporting you either way but it's worth a shot, right? :steamthumbsup:
Xitilon May 7 @ 10:28am 
Should be in line with the original game difficulty, see Kenta Cho's site. Thanks for the support!
Former Knight May 3 @ 6:25pm 
Hey man, is Balls Bombs on PS4 meant to be so frigging difficult? Most of the other one button games are challenging but fair but this one feels like a test build got uploaded by accident or something. It's damn near impossible to get anywhere near 250 let alone 500.
Love your stuff bro
Xitilon Nov 1, 2023 @ 5:16pm 
unlucky, Hmmm?