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Name: Vert
Fursona Species: Deer
Birthday: May 7th, 1998 (24)
Location: The Netherlands
Height: 1.68m (5'6")

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the biggest issue I have with ported console games that are being ported to PC is that every kind of console game have a very cursed keyboard layout. it feels like this game or the devil may cry collection is apparently meant to be played with a controller and not with a keyboard. but the point of PC gaming is that every kind of PC game should be meant to be played WITH a KEYBOARD and MOUSE. and the controllers are meant to be played for consoles, but if you are a long console gamer, you can use your controller for those kind of console ported games on PC.

I do have a controller but I'm trying to play with a keyboard, although I'm not really liking the cursed keyboard layout.
and I also don't like the fact that the game is meant to be played with the input device the creator wants it to be played with.

I also wanted to say that a PC is meant to be used with a keyboard and a mouse. How are you supposed to type with a controller? How are you supposed to use the cursor with a controller? I know there are absolutely third party modifications for that but that's a different story. PC is an actual programmed/coded desktop that's meant to be used for media, entertainment, work stuff, programming, video editing, music programming, drawing and many more... And PC requires a keyboard and a mouse. A console requires a controller.

So the creator of the game should've made a PC version of the game with the correct keyboard layout any games uses but they SHOULD NOT port a console game to Windows.
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