Don't look at it like that, it's clumsy.
Known disorder : persistent dislexia and edits.
Mostly a Retired Gamer inside.

If you played hundreds games keep in mind i played 10'thousands...

As a random passenger i'm over 9 NDE
For some weird reasons i'm still around
I'm a Lite Autististic Fiber Spectrum Person
I don't sell book about autism
I don't run a pharma lobby
I have two shoulders and a head

I m surrounded by a gravity well
Add me with caution
The sky has many star
But not that much black hole
The event horizon is a location
That if you cross without noticing it
You'll never find the energy
Necessary to make your way back
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Thoose aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh moments xD
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Don't spoil, don't spoil, don't spoil, don't spoil ... ;) A great game experience but shhhhhhhhh ! ;)

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Wince Mar 31, 2016 @ 3:21pm

Sadly steam can't track all the game i played:

mo5, to7, atari 2600, atari st, amiga, amstrad, apple ][, pc, nintendo, sega, nec, sony, microsoft, casio, ti instrument, hp 48 gx etc. & etc.