!Uzi - Medium Level Bot 14:1 TF2
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Selling Steam Levels For Gems & CSGO/TF2 Keys

Uzi Low Level Up Service - Cheapest Sets For Beginners
Uzi Medium Level Up Service (This Bot) - If You Want To Get An Higher Level Try This One
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How To Use Level Up Service & Useful informations :D

!commands - show all commands available!

Do You Want Gems Or CSGO/TF2 Keys?
Looking For Gems To Trade With Me? Trade Your CSGO Keys Or TF2 Keys For Gems With My Owner

Looking for CSGO keys or TF2 keys to trade with me? My Owner Is Selling Him Keys Via PayPal

➡Bot accept all CSGO Keys, except the capsule ones.
2019.10.28 CSGO Update / Read More Here: https://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2019/10/26113/
Basically due to CS Update You Are Only Able To Trade Keys From Steam Market. If You Buy CSGO Keys From CSGO You Won´t Be Able To Trade Them)

➡ Accept just 1 TF2 Key:
Mann Co. Supply Crate Key


➡Can I craft badges for games I do not own?

➡Will I receive sets that I already crafted?
Make sure you have crafted all your sets, that way bot will trade with you sets that you never crafted!

➡Why I can't trade with bot?
Make sure you don't have a trade hold (Trade hold = you can't trade immediately with any steam user) !
Make sure you have enabled steam mobile authenticator for 7 at least days!
Make sure you have tradable keys to trade with bot!
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