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I'm working on my toxicity, I'm sorry if I ever was rude to you
I'm rad :100oj::100percent:
is it that hard to organise a scrim on a shana server c'mon ffs

AMS: guys did you know, im turning twenty today!?
Drackk: finally double digits!

*me and paddie standing behind dural and turbotabs*
Paddie: there's some nice ass here
Ubi: ya
Paddie: you take him and I'll take him?

*AMS shakes my hand*
Ubi: I'm "ubi"
AMS: I'm "ams"
* thinking * I know?

A vending machine stole my money
But dd and babs were behind me and I got to talk to them so that was nice

@ Asia fortress league
Me: Taeny should I get the emerald or violet sheen?
Taeny: I like the yellow one

조니는 귀여 : hello acorn
[420] Acorn : hello ching chong

nayeon 😘: lol
nayeon 😘: im gonna sleep now
nayeon 😘: gn
ubi: gn
ubi: sleep tight bb
ubi: ;)
nayeon 😘: oh its not night there
nayeon 😘: shit
nayeon 😘: gay
nayeon 😘: gay shit
ubi: lol

Earthech : again
ubi : gg
Earthech : no gg
ubi : oh
Earthech : i changed classs
ubi : ok
Earthech : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Earthech : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Earthech : ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
*I tripled airshot him*
Earthech : epic
ubi : :D
ubi (Score:20) defeats Earthech (Score:18) in duel to 20 on Gullywash Middle, what a tryhard....
*DEAD* Earthech : still noob
ubi : gg
ubi : ok
ubi : cya i guess
casezaa <STEAM_0:1:215074759> connected from Thailand.
ubi : :P
[MGEMod] Your tryhard enemy had 200 health remaining.
Can't go in spec while in fight, removing from queue.
Earthech : i'm the bad 1700+
*SPEC* ubi : who cares :P

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Mangi facts
Hi I'm Ubi or William, 19 years of age has lived in asia and is now living in europe.
soldier main

s29 Drugs to Kids 4th place in open
team blu esports 6v6
weebs in disguise 9v9
Signmytits 6v6
sub scout
Toucans 6v6
6nubs 6v6
AlienCon 4v4
sub Scout/Soldier
Montgomery 4v4
Reflex HL

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- if i don't remember where ur from I might delete you
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+rep Great soldier.
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Added you for discussing recruitment for our 6s team c:
vash May 22 @ 4:01pm 
hey will it's fergus turns out i played video games this whole time :)) anyway ✌️
ubi Mar 24 @ 10:30am 
giriboy Mar 24 @ 6:03am 
yo wheres pokemon emerald episode 20 at tho :/
giriboy Mar 24 @ 5:01am 
William "Ubi" Shakespeare