Tom   Slovakia
Maybe slightly evil, but mostly just chaotic

I like the way you smile at me
I felt the heat that enveloped me
And what I saw I liked to see
I never knew where evil grew

I should have steered away from you
My friend told me to keep clear of you
But something drew me near to you
I never knew where evil grew

Evil grows in the dark
Where the sun it never shines
Evil grows in cracks and holes
And lives in people's minds

Evil grew, it's part of you
And now it seems to be
That every time I look at you
Evil grows in me
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Simple rules

-Feel free to add me, but comment why. If you don't, I will deny you.

-The only exception to this is that I already know you from somewhere.

-If you want to add me my purely for trading, you will be denied. I don't trade.

Actual description

My name's Tom, but more commonly called Tobetko. I like to hang out around the Internet, Discord and my favorite games. My Discord tag is Tobetko#1199, feel free to add me there too.


I'm always in a good mood, so feel free to join me in my games whenever you like. My most played ones are Team Fortress 2, Halo: MCC, and Monster Hunter: World

However, I also like other games such as Minecraft, Portal, Space Engineers, Just Shapes And Beats, and cute little metroidvanias like Hollow Knight and Ori.

More interesting stuff

-My favorite animes are JoJo's Bizzare Adventure, My Hero Academia, and Code Geass.

-My favorite show is the machinima Red vs Blue

Cool friends

- Rarvynth and the rest of the proud nation of Gordistan - weed

- Orange - Is a toxic ♥♥♥♥, but a sometimes cool toxic ♥♥♥♥.

- RaiFred - Big weeb and big gamer.
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Fellow o.W.n warrior. Hope its a good enough reason
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+Rep cool guy, very noice to chat with.
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+Rep cool noice to chat with. And just very kewl.