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Je télégraphe à la police.


This is a pack of 27 networks + 1 transformator unit, based on French telegraph lines. They can be used in different settings, based on your creativity. Place them along train tracks, ins
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Created by - REV0 and Gèze
Gèze May 30 @ 5:44pm 
No, and I currently don't plan on making it.
Susu62 May 30 @ 2:41pm 
Hey, do you have the Sorbonne University of Paris ?
Gèze May 16 @ 6:37am 
They only have the headlights. There's no window illumination.
DonDrix May 16 @ 6:04am 
Hey Geze, is there light on the old tram's, at nighttime? sorry for posting here
Gèze May 15 @ 3:28am 
Rev0 is working on those as we want to include bridges and some other stuff. No ETA but they should be done soon-ish.
FrenkyG May 15 @ 3:18am 
Thanks for the response! Any news on the tram roads?