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Welcome to my Profile. Spearhead of the Cosmic Community project. Discord info:
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Friend invites: Currently not accepting- my apologies! Too full atm.

♦Do not ask me for items. I will raffle them away if I want to give them up. If you ask me for items, you will be given one warning and if it is not heeded, you will be blocked. I don't do trades very often either.

♦Stop by and talk to me often :D I enjoy the company of others immensely. If I add you, it's because I WANT to talk with you. I've made a lot of good friends here on Steam. Please keep in mind I also am slow to respond when I'm online and I typically won't respond if I'm in game because... I'm playing a game.

Current gift worth estimate (how much I've given): $3800~
Last updated Dec 20 2018

Raffled items:
Hats raffled: 1010
Stranges: 93
Keys: 43
Freelance: 6
Mercenary Grade Weapons: 125
Commando Weapons: 28
Assassin Grade: 10
Elite: 5
Unusual Weapons: 2
Unusual Hats: 21
Bill Hats: 5
Buds: 10
Australiums: 4
Festivizers: 8

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Kiddie Pool Thoughts:
♦ Through words, we find ourselves. Through communication, we find others.

♦ Be nice and generous so long as it is never asked for. Those who ask often don't deserve; those who deserve often don't ask.

♦ If you're a procrastinator, kick that habit out! Easier said than done, but you actually have a lot less free time procrastinating than you do being ambitious.

♦ Anyone can believe they can, but not everyone will believe they will.

♦ Life is just a series of changing perspectives. The more willing we are to see it another's way, the less close-minded we become.

♦ There's no purpose in life, so there's no reason to not live it fully.

♦"You wouldn't understand." And nobody will unless you explain it to them, ya dimwit.

♦ "Wish to exceed me, so that progress may be made for those inspired by you in turn."

♦ All the time you spend waiting is the time you did nothing.

♦ A good story is made by an excellent villain, but too often is ruined by the hero who knew how it'd end before it even began.
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Cheesypuff- Particle Editor
Grambee- Promos
Muhai- Concept Design
Cosmic Afro- Idea
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Status - Pending, Created by - Muhai, Cheesypuff, Cosmic Afro, and Grambee

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How much is my face worth to you. Everything has a price...
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