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This game has me emotional in a way I can’t explain. I’ve loved the Resident Evil series with a fiery passion ever since I played my very first entry with Code Veronica X on the PS2. After I finished playing the hell out of that game, I devoured every Resident Evil title I could get my hands on and was a dedicated fan (even wrote my share of fan fiction) all the way up until Resident Evil 6, which thoroughly ripped my heart to shreds with what the series had become. While RE7 was something of a return to form despite the first person perspective, it was missing the one thing I loved so much about these games; the characters. I didn't realize until now how badly I missed my time with them, but stepping into Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s shoes again felt like coming home.

That said, I was terrified that like so many overly-hyped, high profile titles these days, that Resident Evil 2 would stumble and miss the mark. But let me tell you, they nailed it. THEY NAILED IT! Granted, the story has been somewhat simplified, and the B scenarios feel rushed and a bit tacked on (likely a result of the devs not wanting to disappoint the fans when word leaked that they wouldn’t be included), but those are miniscule grievances when the rest of the game is so supremely satisfying. Everything that I loved about the series is back, and it all looks, sounds and feels so good that I’m literally getting choked up right now just typing this.

Even the swap to over-the-shoulder camera feels fitting and natural, and I’ve long been a champion of fixed camera angles. But the way the action is framed, the long, dark, endless corridors, the creatures that lurk in the shadows, the terrifying sounds they make, it all makes up for the loss. Fortunately, the characters don’t move with quite as much agility as they do in post-RE4 titles either. There’s no dodge button, no quick time events, no counterattacks. If you’re grabbed by a zombie, you either shove a grenade down its throat or suffer the consequences. This heightens the suspense tremendously. No matter how heinous the foe, you need to tread carefully, and wisely.

And that's not even mentioning how much better the writing and acting is. The dialogue actually sounds somewhat believable, albeit cliche at times, and the interactions between characters are so much more organic than they used to be (thank goodness there’s no “I love you” moment…) All of this is elevated by the voice actors giving great performances which really help bring these characters to life. We already know who bad-ass super agent Leon S. Kennedy is, but it’s refreshing watching the rookie cop become the man we all know and love.

I honestly could continue gushing about the game for several more paragraphs, but there’s already thousands of reviews that’ll say the exact same thing. So I’ll just say this; if you’re an old school Resident Evil fan and you can get past the modernization of a classic, then you need to play this game. YOU NEED IT! This is old school survival horror in a gorgeous new wrapping, and every bit as good as the original.

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