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Chad Aryan, B.W.C. Esq.   Columbine, Colorado, United States
(If you're very upset make sure to comment in my public profile so everyone can laugh at you forever)
Pronouns: Handsome/Prince
12 Dickenson Dr, Sandy Hook, CT 06482 (Come at me bro)
#1 stan for Abu Lahab
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Look. Basically I'm just not gonna trade them. I know.. UGH I know.. IM SORRY! It's just that I'm not gonna trade them is all
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Brantrius Apr 12 @ 11:17am 
friendly mate
Bibiano Apr 11 @ 6:22pm 
have a nice offer, added
Mortician Apr 11 @ 11:43am 
friendly mate
Unhinged Pyschotic Freak Apr 10 @ 4:56pm 
:steambored: :steambored: :steambored: bro who tf are you lmfao
you thirsty for my skins like this bot here? Cause otherwise that meant I had you seething for 3 DAYS straight. 8 Now :steamsalty:
76561199410361251 Apr 10 @ 1:48pm 
Lets play one more round?
John Apr 10 @ 12:57am 
Do you even try when you play this game? You are actual ass lmfao idk how you can have so many hours in Tekken 8 let alone Tekken 7 and have no improvement! Seriously, do you even try? I mean come on. I play this game expecting a challenge and I end up running into you, what a joke! You need to reevaluate your life man. Tekken is not it. Retire.