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[h1] The Nebulite Return [/h1]

The Lore

The Nebulites are a race of ancients. They were the creators and destroyers thousands of years ago. They forged the stars.
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Created by - Terracraft and GamerGod
Terracraft May 9 @ 10:07am 
True, but who knows?
bill Jan 14 @ 1:59am 
damn man semms hard but ill give you the advice someone gave to me for what do you want to do. what if it goes better than you expected ?
Terracraft Jan 13 @ 12:50pm 
19, two schools, a lot of math, studying, busy life, pretty much. I want to do computer science though.
bill Jan 13 @ 12:21am 
now im 13 almost 14 and just living a pretty decent life. you ?
Terracraft Jan 12 @ 10:55am 
How are you now?
bill Jan 11 @ 5:27am 
when i added u i was 9 years old....