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My name is Frank, and I bid you welcome to my profile, honoured to have you here! I call myself a 'game omnivore', I love almost anything about gaming! A little constrained by a physical handicap nowadays I'm limited to playing mouse-only. So genres like Tower Defense, Point & Click, City Building and such are currently on my menu. I am trying to get into Visual Novels, however it's a little out of my comfort zone, especially anime. It's appreciated by many people, so I intend to get comfortable with them.
I also like to watch games. Most of the times I'm lurking Twitch, my current favourite is Ezekiel_III []. I also like to let people play around me, but nobody from my direct surrounding is into games, and it's not easy to serve something appealing.
I love the feeling of finishing games. It shouldn't prevent me from tasting games however. I aim for ~50% completion.
I 'discovered' SteamGifts [] in 2020. I registered 5 years earlier, but dismissed it wrongly as not for me. I'm having lots of fun there, and in my journey to find groups that actually play the games I joined Playing Appreciated and Quality Games Giveaways .
From there I found out about Adult World Gamers . A fantastic group of kind folks.
I generally accept all friend requests, and I try to read the activity feed daily for reviews, screenshots or any other content, and most items I'll give a thumbs up.
I like to write reviews, and as I'm not the average gamer, I try to make them short, so people can combine them with other's.

Thank you for reading this!

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Extraordinary game with a wonderful combat system! I would like to call it 'combat choreography' at times, a delight for anyone looking for a casual adventure, because the mechanics ensure that you basically can't loose. This inside a pearl of a story, which isn't always conveyed the best in this game.

The story begins...
Kipuna's hometown is under attack, and during her fled out of town, she tumbles through a gap in the pavement to an ancient forgotten temple, right upon a magical shard. The shard is pierced through her heart, and it gives her the power to turn back time 7 seconds, and to conjure firespells. A magical apparition sets Kipuna off on a quest to get the five other shards that form together the Aurolith!
The king sets her out on the same quest, he wants to harness the Auroliths power to conjure a shield around the capital.

The game is told in small chapters, most of them beatable in half an hour. After each chapter the game autosaves, there is no manual saving.

Genre of game
You play realtime, until you encounter combat. The game pauses at that point, and you can execute orders for each character. The orders are per 0,5 second, so you can pinpoint precisely when to move, dodge, attack etcetera. You get hit, or even die? Just rewind a bit and adjust the plan!
The description of the game is spot on, 'a tactical combat game that blends the tactical depth of turn-based games with the exciting action of real-time games'. The Steam tags are incorrect, this is not turn-based, and I would not call this RPG (you can select upgrades for spells after chapters, however there is usually only 1 good upgrade). My tagchoices are adventure, time manipulation, tactical, and I added casual. This game is not isometric at all.

Conveyance of the story
I don't think the game tells this story the best way possible. To elaborate this I use some spoilers.
The spirit of the Aurolith warns her that the king can't be trusted, yet she asks him to remain in the capital without pursuing the quest. The quest, where he sends this young woman and a veteran smith. Or later when she interludes her quest to visit her cousin, whom is married to a leader of another town? She isn't there, but he joins her on a personal vendetta towards the villain, and during the quest he makes advances towards her?
I can't believe this story is written like that. Maybe the story had to be shrunk down. There were a lot of dilemmas that were only hinted to, but deserve a bigger story. Understandable that doesn't fit in this game, however the design raises some questions in me. Also because of the jokes which feel unnatural, or the voiceacting, very well performed but feels a bit off. But that's nitpicking, very happy that there is voice acting!!

Final words
Being a handicapped gamer this was a delight to play! I hope there will be more games with this time manipulation technique! Maybe one with only one character, because that would be quicker in some situations.
The other aspects of the game are just solid. Very good level design, good atmospheric music (it really blends in).
A very good game to play casually for an hour.


More reviews at Omnivore Gamer, games that are easy to control (for handicapped gamers).
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