Frank Marcus   Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
My name is Frank, and I bid you welcome to my profile, honoured to have you here! I call myself a 'game omnivore', I love almost anything about gaming! A little constrained by a physical handicap nowadays I'm limited to playing mouse-only. So genres like Tower Defense, Point & Click, City Building and such are currently on my menu. I am trying to get into Visual Novels, however it's a little out of my comfort zone, especially anime. It's appreciated by many people, so I intend to get comfortable with them.
I also like to watch games. Most of the times I'm lurking Twitch, my current favourite is Ezekiel_III []. I also like to let people play around me, but nobody from my direct surrounding is into games, and it's not easy to serve something appealing.
I love the feeling of finishing games. It shouldn't prevent me from tasting games however. I aim for ~50% completion.
I 'discovered' SteamGifts [] in 2020. I registered 5 years earlier, but dismissed it wrongly as not for me. I'm having lots of fun there, and in my journey to find groups that actually play the games I joined Playing Appreciated and Quality Games Giveaways .
From there I found out about Adult World Gamers . A fantastic group of kind folks.
I generally accept all friend requests, and I try to read the activity feed daily for reviews, screenshots or any other content, and most items I'll give a thumbs up.
I like to write reviews, and as I'm not the average gamer, I try to make them short, so people can combine them with other's.

Thank you for reading this!

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Awesome multiplayer auto-battler, with a thriving, generally nice community, and ongoing development!

Stop waves of enemies!
In Legion TD 2 (LTD) you have to stop enemies that spawn in waves on your 'lane'. The enemies give a bounty for each kill, and with that gold you can buy new fighters in between the waves. The game gives a recommended value of your fighters for each wave consisting of the total possible value that comes spawning. Depending on the type of units you have put on your lane with all their synergies and positioning, this value can be either too high or too low. For instance, a collection of only tanks (units that soak damage well, but don't deal much themselves) will probably not clear a wave.
The units that you 'leak' will attack your king! But not before your teammate's fighters that survived his wave have a chance to attack your leakage. The bounty now is shared between the both of you, and your opposing team also gets a cut!
Units have one of four types of attacks and one of five types of defense. The types have bonuses and penalties towards each other, as seen on the ingame diagram, and these values aren't linear. A magic damage dealer will struggle against arcane armour, but will melt through nature armour!

Mythium and workers
There is a second resource, called mythium. Mythium is used to hire mercenaries that will join the next wave of the opponent! Hiring mercenaries raises your income that you receive after a wave is finished. The mercenaries are dependant on the amount of mythium you spend how powerful they are. You can also choose more powerful units at a reduced income. And in this part is where most battles are fought. In recognising your opponents build to choose a wave to enhance. And of course synchronising your sends with teammate, however his opponent might be strong on that wave, so that may not be the best tactic. Another tactic is just to go for the best possible income, and deal with any opposition by shear value.
You start with two workers that gather 1 mythium every ten seconds. New workers can be bought for gold. Your game is a balance between your workers and your fighters. It may be worth it to go a bit too lean on your fighters, and ahead with your workers! Purposely leaking one or two units gives you more juicy mythium, and if you are ahead on worker count, you will gain an advantage!

The Legions & Mastermind
The fighters belong to a Legion of fighters. There are Antelean, Divine, Element, Forsaken, Grove Mech, Noomad and Shrine, each with six tiers of fighters. Originally in the predecessors of this game you chose one Legion and battled with those. But this got a bit boring, so now you play with selected group of fighters from a random selection of all Legions. This makes for much more variety in the games, and less repetition.
You can still play as a Legion in non-ranked modes.

The history of LTD
LTD was originally a custom map in Warcraft 3. I personally only knew and played the version of Starcraft 2: Squadron TD. I remember that I returned at some point to that game, and it was significantly different, with more 'Squadrons' and at some point a leaderboard. Very fond memories there, and I wish that map-layout gets implemented in this game, because I loved the shared buildingzone!

Game modes
Ranked - 2v2 games for an ELO rating. You can queue with a partner.
Classic - 4v4 mayhem! There are more selections possible of fighters, such as the fully random 'hybrid'! Can be queued up to eight people!
Custom game - games can have adjusted rules, such as high income
Campaign - very challenging bosses which cheat!
Vs AI - of different ladder rankings
Weekly challenge - very hard puzzles to defeat a wave with selected fighters. The solution with the least gold value wins!
Furthermore there is an extensive tutorial, you can browse top games of the best players, and can test builds in a sandbox.

My experience
When I saw this game arrive on early access four years ago, I immediately bought it, which is rare for me. I have such good memories of STD, playing so many games without even a ladder! But nowadays I'm not really looking for an endless game, and not just ladder for ladder's sake. So the game shifted to my backlog. Now that the game is fully released since two months, I've got a clear goal in getting all achievements! The biggest part is getting 100 wins in one season in both ranked and classic! I'm practically done with the ranked one, and felt it was time to review this.
The ladder is quite special. My first games weren't very good, so I got to bronze ELO (below 1200). Now I got to around 1600-1700, maybe I will try for Diamond 1800. For a physically handicapped player I'm satisfied, because some waves I don't have enough time to do the things I'd like to do.
The players are generally kind. Every now and then you encounter someone who rages when you don't execute his plan. You are obviously the reason he isn't on top of the ladder, hehe!

This game is a true gem! With a dedicated development! Do I have anything bad to say? Yes I don't understand why creating a guild is behind a paywall. They say only cosmetic items are available for money, but in that case it's untrue. Yes you can also grind like 400 games to create one, my point is that a social feature doesn't belong behind any wall whatsoever.

Play this game!!


More reviews at Omnivore Gamer, games that are easy to control (for handicapped gamers).
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