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Hi! My name is Frank, honoured to have you looking at my profile! I love computer games, almost all of them! I try to play a wide variety of games, and to completion as much as possible. The games that are less to my liking I try to achieve at least 25%, as to 'taste' the game. There are so many games to play! Lately I try to force myself to cherry pick my games to which I truly desire to play, with a few story focused point & clicks in between. Then there are the games that I win on Steamgifts. I try to play as many as possible, as far as possible.
Sadly I suffer a severe physical handicap, which on one hand provides me with plenty of time to play video games, but also limits the selection drastically. No more FPS for this fellow! I play mostly mouse only, and even that not so agile.
I try wording my experience in reviews, which I bundle in my curator Omnivore Gamer , hoping it may help other handicapped gamers. If you want to help this project, a follow helps greatly in exposure!
If you want to add me as friend, leave a message down below! I generally accept friends that play the same games or have mutual friends. I generally decline people that only play CS:GO.

Game on!

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Masterful classic RPG with the spirit of Dungeons & Dragons! Amazing story, storytelling, voice acting, and basically all aspects are of sublime quality. A milestone in history of gaming!

A party gathers
In the opening video your hero is faced immediately with multiple problems. A nautiloid of mindflayers attack Baldur's Gate, capturing several humanoids including you as breeding pods for their offspring by inserting a tadpole in your brain. You must choose how to survive your condition and to stop this invasion, or not. Just like you there are others that suffer the same condition, and together you form a balanced party.

The choice is yours
The game is chunkful choices that tailor the game to your style. It starts with character creation, loads of fantasy races and choice between twelve classes based on DnD. There are loads of dialogue choices, even based on character background, and the game offers a solid experience should you prefer an evil playthrough. The game is fully voice acted, so it can never explore every possible option, but it comes very close.

This game emanates passion for gaming, and creating the best experience possible! It's such a delight to play a game and wanting to talk to everything and everyone, to explore all side quests before moving on the main quest.

- Larian added waterfalls to every location to prettify them. Works, but feels like a trick.
- Good and evil are mainly molded by dialogues, but nobody cares about graverobbing or stealing. It would be great if that was part of it all.
- Sneaking and stealing can be dodgy at times.
- Game could use a hardcore mode for dialogue choices.
- Some books give information which isn't always used in the game. Now I don't always allow myself to read everything to the letter. Perhaps hire Amelia extra days to read them all :). Books also could use 'previously read' tag. It would also be fun if misread options would pop up in dialogues. I'm going too deep, I know...
- The game has some great accessibility options, and I was very delighted it offers an automatic turning of the camera following direction your character moves towards! It's such a powerful tool for handicapped players like me! However, a month ago my game crashed, wiping my settings. The newer patch didn't include this feature, and seeing I was playing on that patch for nearly a week it must be a setting but not included in the interface. I asked for help on the Larian forums, no reply in three weeks.
- spoiler: It doesn't make much sense how quickly the characters become very very powerful. The whole game takes place in about 2-3 months I reckon? From zero to a devilslaying, bosskilling machine doesn't make a lot of sense.
- Most big characters receive a big final confrontation, however the halfling trader that we encounter in all acts a bit of a letdown fight.


Perfect score?! In my opinion this is the maximum we can hope for at launch in 2023! This is a milestone in gaming history, and will be a measurement for future games. No, a game doesn't need to be bugfree on launch, it's near impossible nowadays. But a game does need rapid patching with open communication towards players.

This game is a reality check for AAA, we don't want just games filled with buzzwords, we want games built with passion! Big studios certainly have elements of that, corrupted by the coating at the top.

More reviews at Omnivore Gamer, games that are easy to control (for handicapped gamers).
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