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As I have roamed the internet unable to find a guide on c()ck-Patterns, I decided to make my own.
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YAYOFLOWEY Feb 24 @ 4:23am 
add for trade unusual conquistador burning flames
MDEEEEE Feb 10 @ 11:38pm 
was pointed to u to sell cs2 stuff for tf2 pure, request sent
BrycieP Jan 11 @ 9:01pm 
I'll pass, ty
Chop25 Dec 19, 2023 @ 8:15am 
+rep (cute) I forgot to plus rep u when we did our trade. My bad.
Party Dec 19, 2023 @ 2:25am 
added for trade
Zia Dec 18, 2023 @ 6:56pm 
Hi, I noticed you have a profile picture of a very beautiful (but also intelligent looking!) female,and I am under the presumption that this goddess is you? It is quite astonishing to see a female here on steam. I am quite popular around here so if you
require guidance, please throw me a mention. I will assist you at any hour,
day or night. And, before you are mistaken, I do not seek your hand in a
romantic way; although I am not opposed in the event you are interested in
me, as many women often are. I am a man of standard, and I do not bow to
just any female that comes my way, unlike my peers... So rest assured that I
will not be in the way of your gaming and socializing experience. Consider
me a Player 2..a companion, a partner, and perhaps we can enjoy some
video games together some time. I would be happy to assist you. as friends of course, unless you (like many others) change your mind on
that. I look forward to our future together (as friends of course.)