Just another video game enjoyer with a tendency to run into tons of bugs / glitches / issues while playing them. More info below...
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:MD4: Prefer singleplayer games over multiplayer games and MMOs.
:MD4: Interested in indie gems and old / retro games that are well-made or have unique features.
:MD4: Somehow does not get entertained by AAA games anymore.
:MD4: Huge fan of fighting games.
:MD4: Love to try to help other people in case an issue or problem appears in their games; especially indie and old / retro games.

Want to add me as a friend?
:MD4: Feel free to add me as your friend if you think I'm cool enough, or anything else.
:MD4: I hesitate to accept random friend requests from people I have no prior knowledge of, mainly due to past experiences. Please leave a comment on my profile and inform me if you do so.

Want to ask about something curator related?
:MD4: Aside from general questions that can be asked in the comments section, every other ones should be asked in the group.
:MD4: Just click on the group link on the side of this profile page and join it. Then ask away in the related discussions section. I will answer ASAP.
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xSol_Badguy Feb 23 @ 3:33pm 
Hey, man! Adding you to see if you're interested in GG2 still at all :) Got some exciting news!
Steven Apr 20, 2020 @ 11:04am 
i'm adding you because i want to ask you something
RedHill May 31, 2016 @ 4:21am 
I've sent you a friend request, because I have a suggestion regarding review ;)