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Trading card exchange
I only do good or neutral trades.(same set - 1:1)
The trade is good if my set completion advances.
e.g.: A A (before) -> A B (after)
The trade is neutral if my set completion stays in-tact.
e.g.: A B (before) -> A C (after)
Bad trades will be rejected! (or checked later in exceptional cases)
The trade is bad if my set completion declines.
e.g.: A C (before) -> A A (after)

Cross set trades or trades involving items other than trading cards will be rejected or maybe reconsidered.
Easiest find a "good" or "neutral" trade via the STM QuickMatch Link [www.steamtradematcher.com]
I'm buying some special foil cards for 100-500 gems per card. Depending on trading card and badge. :steamthumbsup:
See the list below and make an offer.
If you are interested add me as a friend and send a message or use the trade link.

:steamhappy: Trade Link :steamhappy:

Capcom Arcade Stadium (Foil badge) Badge
CapSta-2 (foil)
CapSta-4 (foil)

Gorky 17 (Foil badge) Badge
Smokerider (foil)
Grandma (foil)
Inkubus (foil)
Jet Elmer (foil)
Sister of Mercy (foil)

Humanity Asset (Foil badge) Badge
Miroxgun (foil)
Omega Weapon (foil)
PXV Triple (foil)
Excalibur (foil)

Little Nightmares (Foil badge) Badge
Janitor (foil)
Nomes (foil)
Lair (foil)
Prison (foil)

Moto Racer 4 (Foil badge) Badge
Armund (foil)
Bolt (foil)
Sokudo (foil)

Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ (Foil badge) Badge
RUN!!! (foil)
IT'z A Clown (foil)
Some Tongue? (foil)
UnderGround (foil)
Chewy (foil)
AAAGGGGHHHH!!!! (foil)
Trolly On Mate (foil)

Planet Ancyra Chronicles (Foil badge) Badge
Bend Time (foil)
Hazy Lady (foil)
Shortest Route (foil)
Connectivity (foil)
Space Sail (foil)
Organic Alien (foil)

Planetary Annihilation (Foil badge) Badge
Invictus (foil)
Nemicus (foil)
Annihilaser (foil)
Hail of Nukes (foil)
Legionis Machina (foil)
The Foundation (foil)

RADical ROACH/Remastered (Foil badge) Badge
Ninjas? (foil)
Resurrection Of The ROACH (foil)
Surprise! (foil)
Shadow Of Death (foil)
Wasp Launchers (foil)
Sticky Indians With Sticks (foil)

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